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The end of a long week

And it’s only Thursday evening… Looking forward to a new episode of “LOST” in about 25 minutes.

Other randomness…

1. I still am amazed that my tub drain isn’t clogged anymore. Everytime I read anything about Liquid Plumber… it was that it NEVER worked or did a mediocre job…

2. I have been sick for the last 2 weeks. I got sick a few days after I returned from Seattle. The busyness of school hasn’t given me much time to sleep this thing off… I’m FINALLY getting a little better. Which means… I’m finally able to sleep throughout the night.

3. I have clean clothes. And I own 25 pairs of usable underwear. It’s actually wise to know how many pairs you own… Today I’m at that pair of underwear that you try to hide..because frankly… it’s an embarrassment to all the other underwear to share drawer space with it.

4. I need a job. In the worst way. Ok… I’m not going to be kicked to the curb anytime soon…but a job for the summer would be nice. I’m not sure what I’m not doing right. I’ve applied to the hospitals. I have been persistent without being abnoxious….but I’m not getting any calls back. Worse case scenario, I’ll do temp work with the university. Maybe my old boss will hire me back for the summer? Just a thought.

5. Is it baseball season yet? I just got an awesome White Sox jersey t-shirt in the mail. It was my St. Patrick’s Day gift. It’s this awesome color green… Unfortunately, some non-baseball friends of mine (which, I don’t hold against them–most of the time) thought the shirt said “SEX” instead of the “SOX” logo. How sad. Why would I wear a shirt that said “SEX” on it???

6. The IRS hasn’t come to get me yet. I rec’d my refund… the biggest this taxpayer has EVER received… I’m still waiting for them to break down my door. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen.

7. I miss J. Enough said. Still mourning the loss of that friendship in a horrible way (ie.. I cry when I think of him in the weirdest of places… on the train.. there is so much stuff that I want to tell him that’s happened… but I just don’t think he cares.)

8. Good Friday is tomorrow. Looking forward to going to St. Pius’ service. Catholics really know what makes a Good Friday Service good. Evangelicals have a lot to learn. A. Lot. To. Learn.  (author’s note: I LOVE my church….but when it comes to Good Friday, Christmas Mass, communion, and some other things it was crazy to mess with a good thing.. I know that doesn’t make much sense…but whatever.  I’m tired).

9. Fourteen minutes until “LOST”. This is the 8th episode. I can’t remember if there will be a break before the new ones resume. I’m sure there will be.

10. I think I should eat some dinner now. I’ve finally come down from my sugar high… I ate one of those cookie things with the whipped cream in the middle from the Amish Bakery (at Reading Terminal Market). Man… my head was spinning in hyperglycemic overdrive.

Ok. Bye for now. Don’t eat too many marshmallow peeps (my favorite Easter Candy… next to an endless supply of black jelly beans!!!)

Oops.. almost forgot… Happy Purim to my Jewish friends out there! Maybe next year Good Friday & Purim won’t fall on the same day… It would be great to attend a Purim party.


It actually worked!?!?!?!?!

Who knew? The drain in my tub has slowed down considerably in the last couple of weeks… I was at a loss of how to fix it..

Well, I *knew* that there is Liquid Plumber…but never actually thought it would work… right? I mean, seriously… there is 8 yrs of hair & gunk in that drain (actually to go eight years w/o it clogging up until now.. I think is pretty good). Anyway, I broke down today after church and bought a bottle of Liquid Plumber… and it worked.

I love when products do what they are supposed to do. (maybe Palm, Inc could learn a lesson from little Liquid Plumber).

That’s it. I’m soo behind in studying for a test on Wednesday.

Some random good things

(in no particular order)
1. Nutrition test is in less than 12 hours. I’ll be so thankful when I can finally get it out of the way. There are only so many times you can review ETOH consumption, lipids, and proteins.
2. Seattle in FIVE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea what I’m going to do when I get there. So, I’m excited about the spontaneity of it all. I did get some pointers from J. (yes, were still friends… did you all have any doubt?… don’t answer that! I know I did.) I actually will have to study while I’m out there.. So, I think I’ve found a cozy bookshop (Elliott Bay) to spend a day (not a good thing… 4 exams the week I get back).
3. Received a $2500 scholarship from my school. I think this nursing thing might actually work out.
4. My favorite movie from 2007 won Best Song at the Academy Awards the other night. The song is “Falling Slowly” and everytime I hear it I get chills. Literally.
5. Totally over what happened last week… I guess everyone should get stood up at least once… builds character & backbone. Maybe I should thank him?
6. Opening day… it can’t really be that far away… right?
7. Spicy Crispy Calamari Salad from Marathon Grill. I had it today for lunch… $11 well spent.
8. It’s 10pm now.. only 1 more hour of studying… sleep & then up again at 4am.
9. Speaking of baseball… I ordered myself a cool new White Sox shirt… Green –long sleeved w/ the Sox logo embroidered down the front (v.v.v. small). For those who don’t know… the White Sox have a “6 months to St. Patrick’s Day” game every year in September. It’s a fun time…

Hmmm… can only think of 9 things today. Now, I’ll return to my lecture on Fatty Acids. Yippy.

Enjoy your night.

An observation

So.. someone told me that when I started nursing school little things will go by the wayside… I just wouldn’t have time for them anymore. Well, it rang true. A little thing: shaving my legs. It used to be so gross to me to go longer than two days… Just thinking about it made me cringe. Not anymore. Now I’m lucky if I have the time to do it once/week.

Today was one of those days.

It’s the little things that get me excited.

I know. I’m weird.

Oh.. test update: I bombed my heart failure test on Valentine’s Day: 82%. High “B-” Oh, well… can’t get “A”s on all of them.

Oh.. one more thing before I bid goodbye for the day: What the heck is going on w/ “LOST”?????????????? People are saying how amazing this season is already. Am I the ONLY ONE who thinks we are still getting more questions than answers????????????? I loved last night’s episode w/ Sayid. What about Hurley double crossing the other group???? I loved Sawyer & Kate… I wonder if Sawyer gets off the island also???

That’s it. Bye for now.

Nosocomial is a fun word.

When I first started nursing school I kept seeing “nosocomial” pop up in my textbooks. I refused to look it up the first 20 or so times that I saw it. It’s such an interesting word to say. Basically, it’s an old fashioned word for hospital aquired infections (or “HAI”). So, long story short… you DO NOT want to get a nosocomial infection. Or… maybe you do…because then you can sue your hospital…but please, don’t.

Wait… I’m missing American Idol as I type this… so, I best make it quick. (my dad just called to remind me the auditions shown tonight are the ones from Philly….total craziness…doesn’t my dad have BETTER things to do than watch AI?)

1. I’m at Jefferson now for clinicals. Oh. My. Gosh. My first two days were better than the whole semester at Methodist. I ran around all day today. I loved every minute of it. Wasn’t bored in the least. Honestly, I thought the way we were treated at Methodist was the norm. It so wasn’t. We were welcomed on the floor today. We were included. Totally night and day. I can’t wait to go back next week.

2. To my reader Scott… I don’t think sex will help me sleep better… I think that’s what you were refering to earlier..right? :O)

3. Saw a half-way decent movie last night… “The Great Debaters” starring Denzel Washington. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised. I cried a few times.

4. Ok. That’s it. Nothing else to report… Now I’m going to watch the crappy auditions from Philly.

Couple of random things…

1. Oops.. forgot about you Jamie. But since you’re married to Suzy.. it’s kinda by default that you knew also. :O)
2. I’m wearing a red & gray striped sweater today. I’m wondering if I subconsciously want THE OSU BUCKEYES to win the national championship game tonight… I do…but only because I hate Les Miles and love Jim Tressel.
3. Went to see “P.S., I Love You” this afternoon. Man, I cried during that movie. V.v.v good in a chick flick type of way.

That’s it… go back to eating your dinner.

Try saying this fast 3x…


yea. i can’t either.

goodnight. wish me luck. 2nd test tomorrow morning at 8am.