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I love my George Foreman grill…

On my way home for work tonight.. I stopped at the Acme for dinner. I couldn’t figure out what to buy… finally, I bought some fresh ground chuck…  made a hamburger…  grilled on my little baby George Foreman grill..  added pickles, bbq sauce, cheese,…  it was a fine hamburger…  Yum.

Work tonight was good. One of the many things I like about this job is that I can rotate to different floors. Tonight I was working on a cardiac unit. Not my cup of tea…but it was interesting. I like seeing the dynamics of each floor. This floor was weird.. I must have heard “I don’t want to get written up” about 4x. They seemed so worried about not doing their job correctly.

I called the bank to see why I was denied the loan on my own.. Just as I thought. I’m technically “unemployed.” It has nothing to do with my credit rating.. which is a good thing. Talked with my parents and my dad is going to co-sign for me. Very, very, very thankful for that. It’s just so much money.

The other thing that I’m being deliberately vague about. I think it will be fine in a good way. A little faith goes a long, long ways (so I have been told.. and sometimes I actually believe myself).  And yes, I am glad that I still believe in people and such..  I think it would be a mighty hard world to live in if I went around never trusting people.

For the last couple of days I have been going through the first season of “The West Wing” on DVD. I forgot how amazing this show was in its early days. The dialogue is amazing at times..  but I love the subtle looks between the characters.. and, yes, I have always harbored a little crush on Josh Lyman.  I’m so glad that Donna got him in the end.

Ok.. that’s it. Bye for now.


I’m being good.

I have been at my desk since 2.30 this afternoon. It’s almost 7pm now. I have 11 pages finished of my nutrition project. It will be finished tonight. I’m stopping for one hour at 8pm to watch “Monk”…

Today was the first day I thought about J. all weekend. Why do guys not tell the truth? Why do they say “sure that sounds good” or “don’t be paranoid” but all along they never ever had any intention of doing the thing you asked?

Friends should want to hang out with each other..right? Why wasn’t I good enough to be his friend? Was he ashamed to be seen with me off campus? Why wouldn’t he have a beer with me? Was it because I’m not Jewish? Why was I just the coffee girl?

Damn. I’m crying again.

One of the movies I watched yesterday during my procrastination phase was “10 Things I Hate About You.” There is a line I’m stealing.. it goes something like this: “I hate the fact that I don’t hate him at all… not even a little bit.” When I know I probably should.

Ok. that’s it.

My job interview..

I had my interview today at 11am. It was at Lankenau Hospital in Wynnewood, PA. I like Lankenau because it’s a community hospital but feels much more like a medical center. It is a teaching facilty so there are students & residents running around. I arrived there about 90 minutes early… I had never been there even though I’ve passed by it many times. I sat in the cafeteria and drank tea for a bit and then showed up in the HR office around 10.40am. I completed some paperwork and then waited. I was supposed to interview with both the HR rep and the nurse manager today. Instead, I just interviewed w/ the nurse manager of the floor I would be working on. We chatted for about 20 minutes and then she took me up to her floor. It’s a med/surg floor that focuses on mostly ortho cases and then they throw in some kidney transplant patients for good measure. It was busy…which I like. She introduced me to almost everyone. I think it went well. But who knows? So.. the waiting begins… I hope to find out by next week… because I want to book a trip to London right after school ends… British Airways has a deal.

I’m not doing v. well in studying for my crazy nutrition exam for the 9th. I’m sitting here… I look at one slide and then play on the computer… I look at the next slide… then I play on the computer… If I go to the other room… I’ll just watch TV.

Oh… watched a 1/2 way decent movie that I got from Netflix today. It’s called “If Only”… w/ Jennifer Love Hewitt… Yes, it’s a sappy girl movie…Yes, you’ll figure out the end before it happens…but it still made me cry. It was good.

I can’t bring myself to remove J. as a “friend” from Facebook. I want him to do it. I know he probably doesn’t care one way or the other…but it’s the principle of the thing. I prayed about it last night for the first time in a long time (b/c one… I hardly pray anymore). Blah, blah, blah… I just need to move on. I hope I don’t see him again for a bit…because I know when I do… I’ll burst out crying. Yes, I know I will.

Tomorrow I’m going to Baltimore for the day… I’m trying to decide whether I want to spend the night there w/ my classmates.. I need to be back in Philly early Sunday morning. I probably shouldn’t go at all b/c of school… but I’m so burned out right now… I know I’ll blow most of Saturday off anyways doing stupid stuff. So, I might as well go to Baltimore and see the fish at the Aquarium..

Ta-ta for now. White Sox won again today… two in a row (I know, I know.. it was against the winless Detroit Tigers…but heck.. we’re only 4 games into the season)

It’s almost over.

I only have a little over a month left of school.  Classes officially end on May 2nd.  My last final is on May 9th.  I’m so tired I could just sleep for a week.  I’m tired of studying.  I’m tired of memorizing.  I’m tired of the little callus on my thumb from writing so much (it’s actually hurting right now).

I know I can get through this last stretch.  I really feel like I’ve been running a marathon.

I’m in a bad mood if you can’t tell.

Yesterday was a crappy day.  Today it looks beautiful outside and I haven’t been out once.. been inside all day studying.  So, today hasn’t been all that great either.

I think I will take a drive… go get some dinner…  Wow.  I feel better already.


I have a job interview at a hospital for a summer position.  V.V. excited.

That’s it.  Bye.  See ya.  Have a good weekend (an added plus of nursing school… 3 day weekends)!


Yep, tis true folks.  I failed my first test in school.  It was an anatomy lab test.  40 questions.  I think I got about 20 wrong.

You know the  really sad thing—- I don’t care.  Not at all.  Because now I can concentrate on my 3 nursing exams.  Two tomorrow & one on Friday.

Maybe I didn’t deserve that scholarship after all?

That’s it.

Monday 3.10.08

I know.. I know… really boring heading… I couldn’t think of anything clever.

Nothing horribly exciting to write about….

I did arrive back from Seattle in one piece. The sleeplessness continued throughout the weekend. I finally let myself sleep in this morning (I don’t go back to school until Wed). I slept until 9am..which is very late for me.

Seattle was a great experience. I would like to go back again to visit.. I’m really not sure about living there full time.. It’s just so far away from everything and everybody that I know. I wonder if London is actually closer?

Bummer news today: my PDA.. my $315 PDA that I use for all school/nursing references has bit the dust. It was a piece of junk to begin with and calling to get help from Palm, Inc. was a comedy of errors. When it first started to go on the fritz in October it somehow righted itself. It’s not coming back from the dead this time. The screen looks like a little Jackson Pollack painting. I’m actually not as mad as I thought I would be. It was a useful tool and I enjoyed having it..but there are other ways of looking the info up… I will miss checking my email in the middle of church though (hmmm… God did YOU make it go to an early grave??).

I’m getting a sore throat. This can’t be good. Especially during this week… it’s going to be crazy when I return to school on Wednesday.

Ok.. that’s it…