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Things I miss…

I miss the White Sox winning ball games..

I miss Graeter’s ice cream (I will be able to partake in 2 months and 14 days!)

I miss White Castle hamburgers

I miss Bob Burke (we parted ways June 1997… haven’t talked to him since)… the reason why I don’t really know how to have guy friends…  Bob Burke.  He was the best guy friend a person could have…  and I can’t even remember what we fought about.  He lives in San Fran now.

I miss my Holly Hobbie doll.  Haven’t seen her since 1981.  I think I left her at my Uncle’s house… 

I miss reading the Chicago Tribune everyday.  I read it online…but it’s not the same.  And ANYONE who says reading the Internet is the same thing… it’s sooooooo not. 

I miss Wagner’s ribs from po-dunk Indiana.  It’s a little shack..  the ribs are amazing.

That’s it for now.


Finally… a win.

Ok…  after 3 straight losses to the Yankees, the White Sox finally ran away with game one last night in Detroit.  The nice thing about this… the Central Division will come down to who wins the most games between the ChiSox & Detroit.  Detroit’s remaining schedule does look easier than the White Sox.  But then again, Chicago can’t seem to win against the likes of Kansas City & Pittsburgh (the two worst teams in baseball)….

Ahh.. I wish life was as easy as talking about baseball… 

Other interesting factoids:

1. I bought a new sofa the other day.  Can’t wait to sleep on it.

2. Baltimore Orioles/White Sox baseball in 10 days at Camden Yards.  Can this be more exciting than a wedding of a friend?  Yes. Yes it can.

3. My mom is coming into town tomorrow night.  I’m thinking a trip to NYC is in order. 

4. I was denied a soft serve ice cream cone last night for dessert due to the power outage.  And I really, really, really had a taste for one.  A vanilla cone with sprinkles.  There were other goodies in the store (a Carvel store) but none sounded as good as that soft serve cone. 

OK.. that’s it.  Enjoy your day.