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Update Before Bed Time:

Hey to my 9 readers… Just wanted to give a quick update before I bid 4/19/09 goodnight.

Seven of you out there already know…but for the rest of you… I didn’t get the job in Hershey. The HR rep emailed me on Thursday morning. Kinda sucks… I was kinda crushed. I cried a little, but I needed to move on…

I flew home for a quick trip last Thursday and had 3 job interviews in Indianapolis on Friday morning. The first two… either place I would be excited to work at. The first was General Surgery at Indiana University Hospital. The 2nd interview was Surgical Trauma at Methodist Hospital. The 3rd was on a Pulmonary floor.. and although the manager was amazing… I cannot see myself working on that floor at all… Not at all what I thought a pulmonary floor would be like, but then again I really didn’t know what to expect.

I had all these grand plans today when I got back to PA (I got home around 1ish in the afternoon)… I didn’t accomplish any of it. I sat on the couch all day and either slept or watched TV.

That’s about if for now… Hope your weekends were all grand.


Doing a whole lot of nothing.

I’m back in Chicago for the week.  Doing Nothing except sleeping, watching massive amounts of cable TV, shopping, eating out, etc. 

It’s actually feels a little strange to NOT have to do anything or be anywhere.

It looks like a nice day today (mid 70s)… so, I’m thinking I might take a little roadtrip. I received my birthday present a few months early.  My parents last night gave me a Magellan (sp?) portable GPS.  It’s very, very cool.  Can’t wait to use it on my trip to Vermont later this summer.

Ok… here’s a funny story that would only happen to me. Yesterday morning I got up and needed to go the bathroom.  My parents’ home has 3 bathrooms in it and I was using the one of the ones upstairs… well, I didn’t have my contacts on and didn’t realize that the seat was UP (my dad must have used it before he left for work @ 6am).  So, I sat down and almost fell in butt first.  Not a pretty site…but it was mildly amusing.

Ok.. that’s it.  Enjoy your day. 

Still waiting for the laundry to dry…

So, I have been trying to dry the laundry for the past 4 hours. I started at 8am and one load is STILL pretty damp (I just ran into the maintenance guy.. he said that there has been no heat… just air…but that it should be fixed soon). I am thankful that my nursing uniforms actually did dry after the 4th drying cycle… Ahh… maybe someday I will NOT have to feed quarters into a machine to do my laundry.. It’s something to wish for in the future when I’m making the big bucks as a nurse.

So, for those who are ever-so curious. I did end up removing J. as a “friend” on Facebook. I cried for an hour afterward. I’m sure he didn’t even notice, so I don’t know what I’m getting so upset over. For whatever reason we can’t be friends now. I’ve been pretty resolute about it. Haven’t once tried to call or text or email him. A friend of mine suggested that I limit my “sad” time to 30 minutes/day re him and then to move on… Which, sometimes it has worked… on other days.. it has been a lot longer than 30 minutes.

Blah, blah, blah…

That’s it… my mom just called so I’m on the phone w/ her.

Bye for now.

ps.. the White Sox have won FOUR in a row!!! :O) Go good guys.

I wish I had something exciting to write about..

But I don’t.  Nothing.

My day so far:

1.  Up.

2.  Outlined pharmacology notes while watching two episodes of “Crossing Jordan” & then a History Channel special on Charles Mason.. (I never really knew the story of him…  it was interesting… didn’t know Sharon Tate was married to Roman Polanski when she was murdered. Is that before or after he was exiled from the US??)

3.  Shower

4. Lunch (pizza & diet root beer)

5. Trying to find a clean nursing uniform (10 minutes)

6. Dressed.

7. Paid some bills (PECO, TMOBILE)

8. Deciding on whether to eat a chocolate bar or not.

9. Still deciding on the chocolate.

10. Wondering if the White Sox will win on Opening Day (my thought… probably not).

11. That’s now.  I have to leave for school in about 10 minutes…  I really like the 3-11 shift…  It’s quiet.  I’ll be able to study.

You are all caught up.  I know… fascinating… isn’t it?

Happy Birthday!

Dear Yaacov,

Happy Birthday. I think today makes it 35? Wow. How time does fly! Anyway, I hope it’s a great one. And to let you know… that you’re still a part of my life almost 8 years since I’ve seen you last.

I’ll never forget all your help & conversation while I was in the hospital. You were an amazing Intern. I’m sure you’re a genius neurologist (well, if not yet a “genius”… I’m sure you’ll be there soon!).

(And to my nine readers… if life ever throws you a neurological curve ball and you happen to be in NYC… look up Yaacov Anziska.)

Sleepless in Seattle!

Greetings.  It’s about 4.30pm  here in Seattle.  Rainy, cold Seattle.  Not even nearly nice today.  Just cold & wet & damp.  I think tomorrow is my do-over day.  Today was just a trial run.  I got lost in the city today.  I took the long way to downtown…  I was cold.  I was wet.  The soup that I ordered to make me warm wasn’t very good.  I’m drinking (slowly) a glass of red wine…  It’s not making me warmer.  I think I’m going to go put on a sweater. 

Last night was a hard night.. I had a horrible stomach thing and was up the majority of the night.  Maybe that has something to do with why I’m so grumpy now.

The thing is… I have met some wonderful people.  Very friendly people.  I was invited out to dinner tonight by some other guests of the B&B where I’m staying.  They own some vacation cabins by Mt. Ranier. 

OK..that’s it… I’m going to go put that sweater on.. 

Ta-ta for now.

Taxes, Pt II

And I quote: “If line 10 is equal to or more than line 11, enter the amount from line 7 on line 13 and go to line 14. If line 10 is less than line 11, divide line 10 by line 11. Enter the result as a decimal (rounded to at least three places).”

Gotta love the IRS.