3.34am for no particular reason…


I’m up because I’m washing my sheets… my monthly friend decided to make an appearance early… Damn her. Thankfully, Indianapolis has a wonderful cleaning service that can clean my mattress pad… it’s huge & won’t fit inside my washer… I will be driving there bright and early later this morning (ie.. 7am).


Other interesting things… I’m trying to learn some Italian. BBC online has a great 12 week course for free. I’m learning some basic phrases… It’s kinda fun…but I sound RIDICULOUS when I try to pronounce the words… since I’m trying to learn from a BBC site… I wonder if everything I say will come across with a British accent.

And, if you are all of a praying sort… please pray for my old friend Joe. He is 40 and was diagnosed w/ metastatic gastric cancer sometime last year (I think in Oct??).. Well, I just read that he’s had a really tough week. This cancer is not survivable..he had been taking part in a study at the James Cancer Center at Ohio State Med Center…basically, to lengthen his survival time… Anyway, I just read on Facebook that they had to put a stent in his esophagus to help him swallow… which, is never a good sign. He has 3 kids (including a baby born in Jan 2010). Cancer truly does suck.

Ok… I’m going to watch something on Hulu or fall asleep on the couch… (probably the later).


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