I did it. I bought the airfare… I’m going to Italy for a week in November. It really pays to look at different online travel sites… had a US Airways flight going from O’Hare-Charlotte,NC-Rome for one price… Well, I checked and a US Airways flight that went from O’Hare-Philadelphia-Rome was $90 cheaper… Nice.

Last night of work… I’ve worked all w/e long… Which, last night… all I need to say is “fecal bag” and that explains my whole night…. POOP…POOP..POOP…POOP…POOP…POOP… I felt sorry for this patient… but everytime we cleaned them up… they pooped again… ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

I have Tue & Wed off and then work on Thursday night. I’m hoping for a bike ride either tomorrow evening or on Wednesday morning. I haven’t been on my bike since the big fall about a month ago.

Scott, if you want… you can email me…… I’m curious about what happened to put you on F10. Hopefully you had someone bring you some edible food while you were there… Hands down… Penn has the worst food of any hospital that I’ve either worked or been a patient in. (oh, yea… & amazing doctors.. who STILL won’t release my records…but I digress… I haven’t asked for them in awhile).

Toots for now. Time to put on the blue scrubs and save some lives… 🙂 (ok.. not really, but it sounded good).


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