Sunday. July 18.

Just hanging out before I go back into work tonight. I worked last night & I’ll work again tomorrow night. 3 nights in a row is sorta like a mini-marathon.. and I won’t come up for air until Tuesday afternoon.

My birthday was a few days ago (the 16th). I’m a 39 year old woman. Craziness. I don’t feel 39… no one thinks I’m 39… but, it’s weird… I look at my classmates from HS/College and most of us don’t look 39. Nothing exciting happened birthday wise… My parents took me to see The Swell Season at The Ravinia Festival… which is a really fancy outdoor theatre… It was hotter than Hell that night…but, the show was good.

I’ve booked a hotel room in Rome, Italy for the beginning of Nov. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have yet to book the flight. Wandering around London & Dublin by myself is one thing…but going to a country where most people do not speak English is entirely another thing… I’ve heard Italians are NOT like the French… as long as you try the language they think you’re quaint and will help you along and then you find out most speak English anyways. It’s a city I’ve always wanted to visit and at first I was thinking Amsterdam…but honestly, that sounds boring compared to being able to see The Sistine Chapel, etc. I just need to bite the bullet and book a flight.. There aren’t as many tourists in Nov… so, the price drops considerably for the flight… I just don’t want to wait too long. I found a little B&B in downtown Rome for $65/night…

***FOR Scott… I find it fascinating.. that Dr. Desai might have consulted w/ Dick Cheney… he got his LVAD at Inova Fairfax….I know you didn’t like him much…. but that’s another story…. & I hope you’re better… so, you can marry that Jewish girl one day…***

That’s about it from my neck of the woods.

Toots for now.


One response to “Sunday. July 18.

  1. No no no….I liked him alot. It’s that I questioned his medical judgment nearly as much and, after spending 11 of the last 14 days on F1o, i’m pretty sure I was right. But, if he can keep Chaney alive (anybody feel free to finish this sentence)

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