July 2.

Happy Friday All.

Nothing horribly exciting to report. I’m going home for the weekend. My parents’ wedding anniversary is tomorrow and tonight is fireworks watching on the boat. It’s supposed to be a great weekend, so I’m hoping that means a lot of time on the water.

Wednesday night I went into work at 3pm & worked 16 hours… It was crazy… I hated it… nothing the length of time… I can do the 16 hours… it was the situation. I was given 4 patients on opposite ends of my unit. Two on one side.. and two on the other end… the FAR, FAR, FAR other end. The rooms on my unit are huge, so walking between both ends takes at least minute or so. It was hard because I didn’t have any easy patient.. They all had to be looked at more than normal regular intervals or they had scheduled meds right after another. My special present happened at 6am Thursday morning when I went to give a med and found that my patient got confused (in the 90 minutes since I last saw them) and pulled out his PICC line and his NG tube. Not fun. My feet hurt so much that I wanted to cry…. and of course, when I got home.. I slept for only 5 hours…

Blah, Blah, Blah. Canceling eharmony membership at the end of this month. I can’t say it will be the last time I ever sign up for it…but I wish I could. Hope is a strange thing… because well, it’s hope. There’s hope & there’s reality… Reality is that I’ll be 39 in 14 days. Reality is that I *might* have 10 good years left before my heart starts doing funky stuff or the meds I’m on start effecting other body systems… No one wants to marry that.

That’s about it for now. I have to get packing for home.


4 responses to “July 2.

  1. If it is true that you might only have 10 years left before your heart starts to give out, why not stop making barriers and walls and have the best 10 years you can? Be hopeful, be happy, put yourself out there and try. Otherwise, you might as well just say your heart gave out now.

    • I’ve tried. I’m not meeting anyone anywhere in any city.. Not Chgo, Not Clvd, Not Cols, Not Philly, Not Indy. I wish I had an answer for why I’m not relationship material. I want to meet someone smarter than me on so many levels… it hasn’t happened yet. And, yea… at times it feels like it (my heart) has already conked out.

  2. Is that all there is to you? The single girl? There are no other interests or hobbies, nothing else that makes you happy, makes you you? Is having a relationship with a man the only thing that is going to make your life happy?

  3. Havinvg just spent 6 unexpected days on Founders 10, you might be suprised to find that the things you think are going to get you are not what comes around to bite you in the ass….the heart could last you another 20 years as quickly as there being problems in 2. There are people out there for whom it won’t be an issue. I know it sucks trying to find someone, but, it can happen AND, when it does, you’ll forget all the effort.

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