Edith takes her first fall…

Edith… well, she is the new bike I bought about a month ago. This past Thursday was the first day I took her out for a ride. The Monon Trail runs throughout the city and north into the suburbs… It’s too pretty to NOT get out to at least walk on it (I think the Monon was originally a railroad line… but I could be wrong). Anyway, I packed my bike up and drove to a parking lot on the trail. I got my helmet on and started riding… It was great… 12 years since my last bike ride… I even saw a deer grazing at one point…

Well, on the way back… UGH.. ANYTHING BUT GOOD. I took this little trail that veered off from the Monon.. there was a little bridge and as I was crossing it I realized that it was a little more steep on the way down… I was picking up too much speed.. I got nervous and lost my balance and crashed into a bunch of bushes.. I ended up getting my foot stuck in my spokes of my front wheel. I ripped my pants down the whole front of one leg. I seemed to have mud everywhere.

Thankfully, two older guys stopped and saw that I needed some help. My front wheel was bent and therefore wouldn’t spin because it kept getting caught on the brakes. They removed the front brakes so at least I could ride it back to my car (5 miles away). That was great.. Well, they solved the first problem.. they couldn’t solve the 2nd… I don’t know how to shift. At. ALL. I was going over a bridge and it got really hard to pedal up the bridge… I knew I needed to shift, so, I turned the handles and apparently did it wrong because the chain came off the gears.

Long story short… I ended up walking my bike the final 3 miles back to my car.

The good thing about this story… I wasn’t seriously hurt.. the pants were old (I bought a new pair today) ..and the bike is getting fixed.

The best thing about this story is that I got to see Scott again. He is the guy who sold me my bike. I am so in love with my bike guy. SOOO in love with my bike guy… I get to see him again tomorrow to pick up my bike… yippy.**

**granted he doesn’t even know I’m alive except for the fact that he sold me a bike… but, he is soo dreamy.**

Nothing else too exciting to report except these random things.

1. Sox rocked the National League this week…granted they played crappy National League teams… but still.. they won against the hottest pitcher in baseball right now.

2. Saw Toy Story 3… Pixar does it again. I love how they take kid movies and some how have deep adult themes in them… Cried at the end. See it.

3. Going to Columbus, Ohio next week. Staying in a hotel. Exciting. 🙂

4. Nothing else.


2 responses to “Edith takes her first fall…

  1. I’m just so excited that you got on a bike and you will get back on it after you fell.

  2. Aieeee. Glad you were not seriously hurt.

    Have fun in my city.

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