The Cupcakes are all mine…

Tonight I hosted our Bible study group from church. We rotate locations and this was my 2nd week hosting. Today was a crazy day… I worked Mon & Tue evenings… I got home this morning, slept up until about 1pm and then frantically tried to clean (and if you have SEEN mine place in ANY city that I’ve lived… it’s pretty much the same description.. messy) & then went out to get snacks for tonight.

Blah, blah, blah…

We’ll just skip to the part where I made a batch of cupcakes… they turned out great… White cake w/ cherry chocolate chips, white fluffy frosting, and red sprinkles… YUM. (ok… they AREN’T as good as the ones at Flying Monkey in Philly …but I have a new best place… Society Bakery in Dallas..but I digress).

Blah, Blah, Blah…

After group I got a call from Steve… the guy I went out with on Friday night… We talked for over an hour before he said that he just wanted to be upfront with me and tell me that he didn’t see a dating relationship in our future… he said that he KNEW that I felt the same way… but, of course, he said “he wasn’t going to drop off the face of the world and he still wanted to be friends…” (aka.. the universal sentence of telling someone that you’ll never see them again).

Tonight I feel rejected.

Tomorrow I’ll be fine.

I think I’ll go have another cupcake.

Or two.

Or three..

No, probably most definitely only two.


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