Some thoughts before I leave for work…

Happy June 14th.. aka “Flag Day”… I’m not sure what exactly happened on Flag Day… I guess I should after living in the historical center of America for almost 10 years…

Here is my stuff for the day…

1. I had a date on Friday night (June 11) with a guy I met from Eharmony. There will not be a 2nd one. Which is ok with me… He was 41, but a very old 41. I thought we had a decent time but he never really gave his opinion about anything during the whole night. We went for Mexican, then I suggested Ice Cream at this stand that has been around forever.. finally we went to a park for a walk… Well, it was funny because I walk really fast… even when I think I’m walking slow… I’m walking fast… He never said anything until I said that we had done about 3 laps around the park… At that point he was like “wow.. you walk really fast and almost couldn’t keep up… (he was joking, I think… this is a guy who runs 1/2 marathons all the time). When we got back to our cars I said all the proper things.. He didn’t say anything… just got into his car and didn’t look back. I took that as a “don’t wait for my call”… which, I haven’t & I won’t.

2. I don’t know why I keep chasing something that clearly is not in my cards to ever happen. I am just not supposed to be married. Period.

3. Usually every night at work I take a water pitcher for the night and write my name and date on it… My goal is to drink at least 2 pitchers of water/night (about 1 Liter)… Anyway, on Thursday night someone (I have not idea who) wrote “BIAN” after my name… I always call myself “Les”…. It was just an immature joke I’m sure… but at the same time… The whole gay issue has crossed my mind more than a time or two. I know I’m not gay, but what if I’m just fooling myself. Heck, even Jeremy the Jerk thought I was gay (quirky Jewish guy who is now married).

4. Eharmony account will be cancelled by August 6th. I can’t do it anymore… If I try to sign up again… please find someone to take my computer and credit cards away.

5. Work. Still like it. Day positions are coming available…but I’m not sure… I’m thinking about staying on nights until I find a position that I really, really want in a department that I really, really, really want to be in.

6. White Sox took 2 out of 3 from the Cubs AND ruined a no-hitter last night…. I say that was a good series.

7. Saw Billy Elliott on Saturday afternoon w/ my mom in Chicago. Sat in the front row… Fell asleep during 1/2 of it. Bummer.

8. Looks like next trip to Philly isn’t happening until March 2011. Again, during the Winter… UGH.

9. I bought a bike. And a helmet. Hoping it’s nice this Thursday… going to try and ride it.

That’s about it… nothing else to report.

Toots for now.


2 responses to “Some thoughts before I leave for work…

  1. I thought I was thequirky Jewish guy….

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