Hot Friday

Sitting here listening to The Swell Season while I wait for 8pm to roll around. My exciting evening…. watching Friday Night Lights and cleaning my bathroom. A low key evening for sure. I’m working for someone tomorrow morning and have to get up way early. I was PROMISED that I would be able to leave on time tomorrow (aka.. that hour they call 3.30pm) no matter what. I have to leave Indy for Louisville by 4.30pm. I must of told my manager & shift coordinator 20x that it was IMPERATIVE that I leave on time. It was the only way I was going to do the shift. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

So… I bought a bike today. My first bike since I was 16. I used to have a funky 10 speed from the early 80s and well, my brother let one of his friends borrow it and it was stolen. Never had another bike. Never really wanted one until I moved here. There are some great trails that go all around the city. Also, Indianapolis has something called the “Nite Ride”. It’s a 20 mile ride in downtown Indy that starts at 11pm. They close some of the streets and people come out to watch the ride as it goes through town. It’s supposedly a huge event. I was very thankful for the guy at the bike shop. I literally went in and said “hey… I have NO CLUE what I want.. please help me.” And he did. He was way patient and by the time I left I had a new bike, I found out that I can indeed still ride the thing (it was wobbly at the start), and I know how to take the front wheel off and on again.

That’s about it from here… I’m working all weekend again (it’s my holiday to work). But after Monday night’s shift.. I’m off for 6 days!! Sometimes it really does pay to be a nurse.

Toots for now.


One response to “Hot Friday

  1. Whatwereyou worried about…it’s just like riding a bike. More financial planning advice….per diem home care $60/hr — door to door….most nurses do it because of all he consecutivedaysthey have off.

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