Wednesday Night…

I’m back from Nashville. Yea. I’m dog tired… drove a little out of my way today so it took me an extra 90 minutes to get home (I’ll explain later).

Scott, I know you’re dying to know the answer to your question. Here it is: Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

So, Nashville. The Swell Season was scheduled to play at the Ryman Auditorium last night. So, the minute I heard this earlier this year I bought a ticket. I ended up driving down Monday afternoon and staying over two nights. It was a great little mini-break. Nashville is really a great city.

I went to a few local places: like Target & TJ Maxx. 🙂 Actually, I was given a great recommendation for breakfast. It’s called the Pancake Pantry and it’s located very near to the Vanderbilt University campus. I normally HATE pancakes (it’s a texture thing… most seem to get too soggy when they are in syrup for too long)…but when in Rome, it’s best to act like the Romans. So, I ordered the sugar & spice pancakes and they were amazing… YUM. They were so good, I went back this morning before I left town for another helping. The waitress recognized me and knew exactly what I wanted! Very Southern Hospitality.

My hotel was ok… I’m not sure if I would stay there again. Supposedly the normal price for a room is $150-200 range… Well, I scored this one on for $70/night. Honestly I feel sorry for the people who paid the regular fee. It was the Millennium Maxwell House hotel. The room was nice enough…but there were some issues… The worse was the shower. I took a shower on Monday night and ended up standing up to my ankles in water. Yuck. Nothing worse than used shower water on my feet (ok.. there are WORSE things..). I was going to say something the next morning when I was reading on (a GREAT site for honest reviews of just about everything). Anyway, someone submitted a review saying the exact same thing about his shower experience.

The 2nd thing that irked me just a little bit… I left on Tuesday morning to find a Target/get breakfast/explore/etc around 8.30am. I got back to the room around 4.30ish to change and take a nap before the show… Well, my room was still not cleaned. There was a maid around the corner and I asked her about it and she said that they always had to do the people that checked out first before people who are staying. I guess in my wisdom of all things hotel management-wise.. I think it would make sense to clean the rooms as they become available since people don’t have to leave until Noon. One would think that if I was out of the room before 9am and other people stayed until Noon.. they could clean my room while waiting for the others to check out… Ok… I’ll stop complaining.

The show: The Swell Season is incredible. I love everything about this band. I love Glen (you know what I mean… I don’t LOVE Glen… but I love Glen….). I love the violin player… it was his birthday last night and he played an amazing song (the same one that he played during the Fall tour)… but, this time he was playing it for his sister who was not well… it just seemed a little more heart felt. The Ryman is dripping with history. It’s an old church and we sat on pews (which, honestly starting hurting my butt about 2 hours in). I was in the 7th pew from the stage. The show lasted from 7.30 until 11pm. TSS started at 8.30p.

On the way home today I took a few detours… First detour: Bowling Green, KY. I stopped off at the National Corvette Museum to get some info. My dad bought his corvette 6 months after I was born. It’s a classic & rare version of a 1972 Stingray. I love this car. I love the memories I have of my parents and me riding in it when I was still tiny enough to fit in the back. My dad only brings the car home for the summer months now… it’s stored the rest of the year. The museum has a program where you can loan your car for up to a year to be shown as an exhibit. I’m hoping to convince him to apply for the program. People have offered to buy the car just by seeing it parked in the drive way… It’s an amazing car.

2nd detour: I went to see Abe Lincoln’s boyhood home in Kentucky. I went 20 miles off the highway to see a log cabin. It truly was a one room log cabin. Which was locked up. Which means I looked at it for 3 minutes and drove back.

3rd detour: Downtown Louisville… Very fun place. Definitely want to go back and spend some time there.

Only bad news from driving home… A huge rock hit my windshield & cracked it. I’m going to see tomorrow if it can be filled, but I’m thinking it’s a little bigger and probably will need to be replaced. UGH.

Ok… that’s about it for now.



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