Wow. That’s a huge bruise…

Yesterday was my first annual exam at a new hospital. My heart transplant care is now being directed by Methodist Hospital here in Indianapolis. Before yesterday I only had one visit which was back in August or September… Anyway, I’ve never been one of those patients who just does what she is told. I question things. I’m not sure they are used to being questioned.

Yesterday I had the full menu of tests: lab work, chest x-ray, heart pressures measured, cardiac cath, and then a heart biopsy. I arrived at the hospital at 6.30 and I think I left right after Noon. I guess for the invasive part (the cath, heart pressures, and biopsy) most patients get sedated. I chose not to. I’ve never been sedated for any of those procedures before and I wasn’t going to start now. Well, everyone at the hospital was incredibly surprised when I told them I just wanted a local (lidocaine) to numb my groin (where the catheter is introduced into my artery and where now I have a HUGE, HUGE bruise). When I was in the procedure room the doc ordered the sedation & when the scrub nurse told him that I didn’t want anything he looked at me as if I was crazy. His next words were “Well, you know.. people who have had this procedure done both ways prefer the sedation.” Well, no shit sherlock… OF COURSE, they will choose sedation. They are asleep. Anyway, the doc was all business and didn’t have any small talk whatsoever… Kinda not what I’m used to from my other docs. He kept asking me at various points if I was doing ok… Yep… no problem here. The most painful point is the shot at the very beginning… other than that.. it’s just a little uncomfortable. Nothing an adult can’t handle.

After the procedure the nurse applied pressure on my groin to stop the bleeding after the cath was pulled. She held pressure for about 15 minutes and hence… that’s where the huge bruise came from. The doc came back and he said that everything looked good… pressures were good and no signs of build up in my arteries… Yea. The biopsy results came back today.. My nurse called but I need to call her back tomorrow (she left a message.. haven’t listened to it yet).

My mom was with me and after a little nap back at my place we went shopping (our favorite activity). At the Home Goods store I ran into a man in scrubs who smiled at me and said hi. This happened whenever we crossed paths at the store… He was cute and in scrubs and at Home Goods.. so, therefore he was probably gay. At some point I felt like I was stalking the store just looking for him because he was THAT cute and I’m sure if I got a chance to talk to him.. his niceness would equal his cuteness, but alas, it wasn’t met to be… never got his name. It was fun while it lasted.

Nothing else exciting to report. I’m trying to post more often to satisfy Scott’s rabid curiosity about my boring life.

I’m off until Friday night… It has been nice having this whole week off, but at the same time I hate working two weekends in a row (although it did work perfect for my procedure because they didn’t want me to go back to work for a few days).

Toots for now.


2 responses to “Wow. That’s a huge bruise…

  1. Ahhhh…. the gangeronius bruise of a cardiac cath…I’ve always maintained that the cath is harder on the significant other who has to see you naked for the month afterwards.

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