Quick update while my frozen pizza is cooking

So far today it has been a lazy Sunday afternoon… the kind I like. I had to work with the childcare at church today… that was fun, albeit a little overstimulating at 9am (throw nine 5 yr olds together… mostly all boys today.. it was crazy).

Two posts in one month is a little outrageous for me… but I need to put this on paper…

I had my first sudden death yesterday at work. I was talking to him… he was sitting in a chair at 10.30…. by 3pm he was dead. I have no reason why he died. Yes, he was sick… but he was stable. I pulled the code button when I found him and then froze. All my training went out the window. I knew was I was supposed to start CPR, but couldn’t. 3 minutes later there were 20 people in the room. I was praying the whole time…but I knew that he was dead. He was blue when I found him. The Fellow who ran the code talked to me after it was over… He said that there was nothing that I couldn’t have done different…but, I suspect he says that to all the freaked out nurses who have a patient die unexpectedly. The thing I remember the most was that he said “This is our business. And sometimes people die.” I felt like I was plopped into the middle of an ER episode (the early seasons…) except Doug Ross didn’t take me into his arms after everything was over.

The worst was as the Code was happening… the patient’s family was walking up the hall to his room.. they had NO idea what was happening.

There will be an autopsy… I’m hoping that explains something… but somewhere I kinda think I’ll never know.


In other news:

Ashley, to answer your question. When I transferred my care from UPENN to Jefferson I tried numerous times to get my records transferred. Every time I talked to someone different I got a different answer. No one seemed to know exactly what I was supposed to do. I’ve sent letters (which, honestly I would think is all I need to do) and even my docs at Jefferson tried to call for my behalf. NOTHING worked. Since my new doc here really doesn’t have any official medical history they need to do a complete work up… And that starts with the cardiac cath in a few weeks. My dad is ticked off because they are my records and I should have access to them and that’s why he wants me to get a lawyer.


That’s it for now. I’m starving.. I had an english muffin at 7.30 this morning and that’s it so far today… looking forward to my little sausage pizza. 🙂

Toots for now.


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