Cleaning out the dust bunnies from under the bed…

Or should I say the dust bunnies from my little corner of the Internet universe?

It’s been forever since I posted here. FOREVER. I think I might need to just start a brand new blog about live in Indianapolis. Something fresh and new…

I’m posting because I don’t want Scott to drop me from his favorites. That would make me sad. 🙂

So.. here’s what’s been happening in the life of Leslie (in case the 7.5 people reading this actually care).

1). Working. Working. Working. I’m still working 7pm-7am and picking up extra day shifts when I can (like tomorrow for 8 hours). I’m “supposedly” the next person on the list for a day shift position… and I can’t wait until that happens. Night shift isn’t bad when I have an extended period of days off…  but some weeks I was scheduled every other day… which really means that I don’t have an actual day off because I’m spending my “off” days sleeping.

2). Money issues: Thanks in part to being a really poor college student last year… I got the biggest tax refund ever (which I’m enjoying because I know next year I will not be getting one). I paid off a credit card… threw some into my “medical” ING savings account, bought a dining room table and chairs (which..bonus… my parents paid $1200 for their set— the SAME one–which I’ve always loved was on clearance for $400… so, yep… totally excited about that), splurged and bought a pair of diamond earrings (ok… they are REALLY tiny ones…but I love them & if I lose one… I won’t be totally crushed), and finally… stashed some for a trip to London later this summer (yes, folks… I’m crossing the pond again….  sometime in late July).

3). Friends: Still about the same. I have one really good friend here who I hang out with. I’m going stir crazy because I need a larger group of people to hang out with… my church is DEFINITELY NOT a positive when it comes to meeting people… I love everything else about it…but it’s not very cohesive…so, unfortunately, I might be looking for a new church home soon. It’s funny, I listen to the “kids” at work (ie… the nurses who are 23-25) and they are hanging out at places and I’m sorta jealous…but then I remember that when I was that age (which …wow… I’m 38… is a long time ago)… I did exactly the same thing they were doing…

4). Health: having a cardiac catherization sometime in May… UPENN never did release my medical records to me… I guess I learned my lesson… Don’t piss off Penn cardiology. My dad is pissed and wants to get a lawyer. I just kinda shrug my shoulders because I expect Penn to be assholes.

5). Living in the Midwest. I definitely like Indianapolis more during the Spring… it’s not much of a walking city in the winter (well… compared to Philly… it’s NOT a walking city). But, they have this amazing canal downtown and it’s a great 3 mile walk around…  It was funny… our first warm day I felt like the city was saying “hey… remember me..” It was great to be a part of the NCAAs Final Four here.. the energy in the city was palpable. Butler was simply amazing.

6). I’m still confused by “Lost”.

7). I finally bought my first White Sox cap (I know.. what  took me sooo darn long…). It’s grey with a pink logo.

8). Nothing to talk about in terms of relationships. Nothing. Frankly, I’ve lost all hope. No more joining eharmony, etc… No more wasting money on something that hasn’t ever worked for me (and, thing that sucks is that I know ANOTHER person who met someone… that’s 7 couples and counting). I realized I first joined eharmony back in 2002… so, for approximately the last 8 years I’ve been on and off and on and off that site numerous times… I’ve spent tons of money… and nothing. I’m 38 and have never had a serious relationship with a man. Something definitely must be broke inside of me.

OK… that’s about it for now… I have errands to run… thankfully, they are all lined up in a row… Sephora at the Fashion Mall (a VERY small KOP), Chipolte for a late lunch (well, not for me since I woke up at 1.30pm), Target, the post office….  fun stuff.

I hope everyone is well…  🙂

Toots for now.

ps… and Scott… GO White Sox!


3 responses to “Cleaning out the dust bunnies from under the bed…

  1. finally! (to a new post)

    only one i didn’t understand was the medical update… wouldn’t mind enlightenment if you don’t mind providing it.

  2. Ken & Judy in Oz

    Good to have an update, found it by accident, almost. We’re also learning about hospitals, Chemotherapy and prayer.


    BTW: Lack of success in relationships isno excuse to stop trying.

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