A very early Tuesday morning..

I’m still up… I really need to go to bed. I was only supposed to work for 4 1/2 hours.. (until 7.30pm). Well, that 7.30p turned into an 8.45p clock out time. I then went to the grocery store & by the time I got home it was after 10. Dinner and balancing the checkbook and watching DVR episodes of tonight’s House and 24….and BAM… it’s after Midnight.

I saw Matai tonight as I was finishing up. We talked for all of 5 minutes..which is a long time in the hospital world… there is ALWAYS something to grab our attention away. I work a lot..but he works a ton… He only has 4 days off/month & works 16 hour days… He gets there usually at 6am and is still there when I come in for a night shift at 6.30.. tonight he left around 8.15p. I know he chose to do this…but I’m sure it’s not always fun for him to work 14 days in a row without a day off to himself. Enough about him.

Looking forward to Philly next weekend…I want to see so many people, but there is definitely not enough time for all of them. It will be fun to play tourist in my former city.

Other randomness… Excited about the Colts in the SB. Very sad about the Vikings…although I know that they had many chances of winning it…  that last interception was a sharp stab in the stomach… I couldn’t watch the rest of the game after that because I knew how it was going to end… and it ended exactly as I thought it would.

That’s about it. it’s 1.22 and I’m actually getting a little sleepy.

Toots for now.


3 responses to “A very early Tuesday morning..

  1. If you like this guy, then do something. Take a chance and ask him out. You seem to be a woman of faith…well have a little in yourself. What is the worst thing that could happen? He isn’t interested? OK, life goes on. At least you won’t be wondering what might have happened. Take a leap of faith…

  2. Am I going to have to remove this from my favorites?

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