Rainy Thursday.

It’s a rainy day here in Indianapolis. I’m gearing up to work the next three nights. I also picked up an extra 8 hours yesterday. I’m still freaking out about my finances. Currently, I have $27.79 in my checking account. Payday is tomorrow… so, I think I can refrain myself from spending almost $30 at work tonight! 🙂

I just got off the phone with Great Lakes regarding my 2nd private loan. I received a letter at the end of the year telling me that I could do a graduated repayment schedule. Two years of lesser payments followed by 20,000 years of a little higher than normal payments. Well, I called today with the intent of doing that…just to give myself some cushion. The first asshole I got on the phone (excuse my language… not very ladylike, nor Christian…but it is a very accurate description) told me that my loan didn’t qualify.. that only Federal loans did. I read him the letter word for word and again he said that it was a mistake. I said that I wanted to speak to his supervisor. He said that there was no one available.. I said I didn’t believe him and that I would hold. Well, he played the hold game with me. I have 1000 cell phone minutes… so, I can hold for a long time. I put my phone on speaker mode and sat at my desk waiting. TWENTY MINUTES later the phone automatically transferred me to a “pay off specialist” …a person dealing with people who are in default of their loans. After trying not to get mad at him… he transferred me back. I got a woman who then finally transferred me to a supervisor and rightly told me that the letter was correct and that I COULD choose the graduated schedule….which, I clearly chose.

A good thing I learned was that with my flex spending account..I can use it all at once even if it isn’t fully funded. Next year I will place more into that account (since it will help me at tax time)….but this year I only placed $550… but I can use that $550 all in April for my deductable, so.. I will only need an add’l $1000 (+ my lab fees which is another $400).

I’m bringing home almost $3000 a month…. I have nothing to show for it.

I am allowing some fun stuff… not a lot …but a little fun spending wise. Five of us are going to Indy’s Devour Downtown next weekend. It’s the same as Philly’s Restaurant Week. $30 for 3 courses at all the nice places where the dinner entree alone is $30. Definitely looking forward to a good meal. We are going to Scholar’s Inn on Mass Ave. Mass Ave is the artsy place in Indy… reminds me of a very SMALL version of Manyunk (spelling?).

I’m headed to Philly in two weeks for a wedding on 2/6 in NJ. I’ll actually be in town from the 2/4-2/8. I’m hoping to watch a Colts-Vikings Superbowl… How cool would it be to see Payton & Brett against each other… I wouldn’t really care who won…but it will be awesome watching two amazing quarterbacks.

I like a doctor here. His name is Matai. He’s Canadian (and I think Romanian…hence his name). He’s only here until June. He had had one year fellowship in urology oncology. Anyways, a perky 22 year old nurse is in love with him and tells me everyday about what they did together…  so, I suffer in silence as usual.

That’s about all for now… Need to jump into the shower and get ready for work.

Bye for now. Hopefully, I’ll be better in the future about posting… life really isn’t all that exciting.


3 responses to “Rainy Thursday.

  1. Nice weekend for a visit, huh?

    • Yep! My friend’s wedding still took place today at 1p in Medford, but she cancelled the reception at Macquire Air Force Base. I wasn’t able to make the wedding since my car is totally buried in the snow. Extremely bummed about missing it. 😦

  2. Did they dig u out yet?

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