Hello 2010

Scared that this is the year that I declare bankruptcy. The first two days of 2010 I’ve been scared out of my mind about spending any money whatsoever. For this reason… I have health insurance payments to make… LARGE health insurance payments to make. I got lab tests done last week instead of this week so I wouldn’t have to pay an additional $500. I take home almost $3300/month and I’m scared that I don’t have enough. It seems like so much money for a single person… My work mates who have no health problems, student loans, rent, etc… complain about blowing “literally half their checks on alcohol”…(which, for one person… I do not doubt in the least).

I really need a financial person to tell me where everything is going.

Anyway, I’m in “Loser-ville” tonight… Stayed in my PJs all day long…  I didn’t have anywhere to go. I only have one friend that I hang out with (which I did last night)… It’s so hard to meet people here. I thought by now I would have a decent group of people to do things with. I am thankful for my one friend because we do have a blast when we get together…  but, that’s it. No group of people to call to do stuff with. No one from work to hang out with..everybody is 1o years younger and cares about stuff that I really don’t… and,when I tried to ask someone from work to hang out… everyone thought it was because I had a crush…

I’m going to a new church tomorrow.

We’ll see what happens.


7 responses to “Hello 2010

  1. Lets start:
    How much do you need to pay a month for HI? Is it premium or just Hi Co-pays and Deductibles? Don’t you get Ins. from work?
    Are you contributing to your 403B? Are you doing income sensitive repayments on your student loans?
    Being single costs more than being a family….the marginal cost for a bigger place to live, utilities and food isn’t that much. When your single, it’s much easier to eat out than to cook. Not to Obama bash here(but I’m going to) It’s going to get worse this year. Assuming you are making @48K(based on your takehome numbers) when the med deductibility threshold climbs to 10% AGI, your going to have a tax increase of about $800.
    This is what I do, if youever feel like giving me the numbers, I can offer you some thoughts.

    • Scott, for 2010 I’m taking the more expensive health insurance plan so my deductable for my labs will be only $400 instead of $500. Yep, you got that right… to get LAB work done… it’s a $400 deductable… and then for any procedure… it’s a $1500 deductable… which, I’m facing come April when I have to have a biopsy… so, in addition to the $91/paycheck I’m paying for HI… I have an automatic $2000 bill thrown at me for my labs & biopsy.

      Student loans… I’m paying the minimum. I have four loans… Two federal and Two private.. The federal loans are $224/month… the private loans are $300/month. So, basically $550 for loans.

      Rent is $750. Electric is about $50/month. Cell is $70. internet/Cable currently is $75 (I’ll be getting rid of my fancy cable come June). I’m looking for a cheaper place to live.

      Other bills: car insurance, and credit cards. I try to put away $150/paycheck into savings…

      I take my food to work.. once in awhile I’ll get McDonalds there…but I’m usually eating whatever I bring… it’s tons cheaper and I don’t have much time (if any) to leave the floor. Thankfully, there are really no “on-the-way” fast food places to stop and eat.. so, I usually eat all my meals at home… probably once/week I’ll go out for dinner with friends.

      It just floors me that people were supporting the SEPTA workers because they were complaining about having to pay a portion of their HI… I work for a frickin’ hospital providing care and the SEPTA workers have better insurance than I do.

  2. I don’t know if this helps or not, but I do love you. Looking at my own medical bills this year, I can deeply empathize with what you are going through, and I understand that my medical expenses will go away shortly while yours are more long term. I agree with Scott that the best way is to look at it is to lay all the cards on the table and make a plan. Reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover really helped me to take my education and apply it to my personal behavior towards money, even with expenses that are not my fault. Hope this helps.

  3. Couple quick thoughts: Your HI numbers just blow me away (It’s nice to liive in a system that makes it more financially viable NOT to work) Is that a $400 deductible for a years labs or each time(I probably do not want to hear that answer) You want to know after 5 years of SD insisting on me taking Lipitor, once he left, I asked Brozena since Lipitor was non-preferred if Simvastatin($10/90 days at WalMart) was any worse and they found, after the 10 year numbers started coming in, that Lipitor was no better than any of the generics. Not much but its another couple of hundred left in your pocket.
    You must have been watching FOX ’cause no one I knew was supporting the SEPTA workers here…..people were more pissed at them than I’d seen in my 3 previous transit strikes(walking from Park Town Place to Temple in the snow)
    I’d probably consider deferring the Student loans for a year just to get some breathing room. They have to be a lower interest rate than your CC’s.
    Car Insurance? You sure you lived in Philly?????

  4. Your writing is cute. A person on the wiser side of thirty I guess…

  5. Seeing your comment just now. On the wiser side of 30, but not wise enough to be 40. Thanks for your feedback. The audience makes the artist.

    Thanks for the link too. Would appreciate regular inputs/comments. Have a great day !

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