I was supposed to work tonight, but they called at 5.15p to tell me that I was canceled. This is the first time I’ve ever been canceled. I worked last night and there was only 13 patients on the floor and I know that they discharged a few today …  I’m betting that they only have 3 nurses on the floor and 1 charge nurse. It was my turn to get canceled so that’s only fair. I’m only upset that I’ll have to use my PTO time to make up for the 12 hours I got called off. We do get a lot of PTO time so it will build back up pretty quickly. But, what sucks is that the PTO time is paid on my straight hourly rate. I’m going to miss the night shift differential and also the weekend bonus pay (which, adds up to about $35/hour). I am working tomorrow night. I won’t get canceled two nights in a row.

Tonight I’m having an exciting Friday night alone. Watching “Elf” (which, I watch WHENEVER it’s on… I LOVE that movie!) & writing out my Christmas cards.

I talked to Kevin tonight (yes, the divorced dad of 3 has a name). On. The. Phone. Novel concept… right? Anyway, he has a date tomorrow night. I’m soo not even on his radar screen as a potential girlfriend. Oh well, my life story.

My Thanksgiving was good even with the work part thrown in. I spent the day at the parents’ house of my friend Heather from church. It was a way traditional Thanksgiving dinner and I loved it. The food was amazing. The house was warm and cozy. The people were all friendly. Work was good also… since we had so few patients.. everybody was a little more laid back than usual.

I’m supposed to drive to Ann Arbor, MI on Wednesday to see The Swell Season that night. I’m still not sure if I’m going to do it. I still need to get a hotel room and then the cost of gas. I might just eat the cost of the ticket ($45). I really want to see them… but, need to be more responsible with my limited income now. I’m thankful for my student loans…but now I getting anal about paying them back fast.

***What I really want to say on this Friday night… but I know you’ll all (well, the 9 of you) will get mad…  I’m 38 now… I’m sure I only have until 50 and then my heart/health will start declining. No one will want someone for such a short period of time. I just need to give up hoping for a husband. It must be easier that way.***

Anyway, that’s it from my little piece of Indianapolis. Have a nice night.

Update at 9.09pm: I got a call about an hour ago… They want me to come in from 11-0730. Which is better than staying home all night. I get the weekend & shift differential pay for 8 hours. Yea.



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