Tuesday night

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Tomorow I’m going to get out all the Christmas decorations and hopefully after that I won’t be lazy and I’ll actually put up the Christmas tree, etc.

I’ve been off from work since Friday night. I work again this Thur, Fri, & Sat. Yep… the night of Thanksgiving I’m working (if we are keeping track… I’m also working Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve). I’m ok with working all the these holidays…. at least I have Christmas Day actually off and then I can drive home and be there in time for Christmas dinner. And, well.. NYE… don’t really care about. I’ve never had a boyfriend to kiss… and I think the high point (err… I mean LOW point ) of NYE’s parties was when I was in Chicago a few years ago and was in a room of 30 gay male couples kissing at Midnight (seriously… a really long story how that came about). The upside… I’ll be getting lots and lots and lots of extra holiday pay.

Still no answer from the guy. It’s like he has dropped off the face of the earth when it comes to me. Bummer. But, again…nothing new there.

Nothing else really exciting to report. Two other things that I’m kinda bummed about: 1) I’ve misplaced (I’m not ready to say it’s gone…but it might be gone) my oldest ring. It was the first piece of somewhat expensive jewelry that I bought myself. I actually had a dream about this ring before I bought it. It’s a little white gold ring with a “X” made out of diamonds on it. I have NO IDEA where I placed it. It’s been missing for almost 10 days now. 2) My 6-CD player in my Mazda is on the fritz. I’m going to have to call tomorrow….  It’s saying “read error” & “check CD”…but then it won’t let me pop out the CD….  UGH. I can’t live without my CD player…

Ok.. that’s it in my little life for now.

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving. Even though I’ll be working, I’m very thankful that I am not a patient in the hospital over the holidays. I’m thankful that I can go home after my shift.

Toots for now.

ps.. for Scott… I’m curious… did you ever give that ring to another nice Jewish girl??? 😉


One response to “Tuesday night

  1. You know, I read that and wondered what you were talking about, its only been like 6 months, then it dawned on me–it’s been 20. Not yet but a good prospect in the farm system(unlike the Sox?)Can’t give her the ring though—it’s cursed:-( Happy Thanksgiving — stay in the game.

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