Rainy Indianapolis Morning

Dear Peyton Manning and fellow Colts…

Thank you for almost giving me a heart attack last night. It was a great, great game. That 4th & 2 gamble… so, so, so glad it didn’t pay off for the Pats…  You were on top when it came to that call and then end of the game. Although, for future games.. please, please, please.. no interceptions & a lot fewer dropped passes…

Ok… now that I got that off my chest… First, I was cleared this morning to go back to work tomorrow night. Thank goodness… I don’t know what I would do with myself if I had to stay home any longer. I was still feeling crappy on Friday when my parents arrived for the weekend. During the afternoon, my parents forced me to get dressed and take a ride around town with them. I was actually feeling better enough to go to Costco that afternoon. Well, Friday night sucked rocks big time. I threw up 2x and basically didn’t fall asleep until 5am Saturday morning. I slept until 9am Saturday & then we took another drive around town and stopped somewhere for lunch…. my dad also convinced me to take a swig of Pepto-Bismol (UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUCK). I’m not sure if that helped or not…but I started to feel better for good on Saturday afternoon. Saturday night I slept a good 6 hours straight… which was amazing.

My weekend was good. Saturday night were the marching band finals here at Lucas Oil. The bad part of the weekend was at 4pm on Saturday afternoon I went to find the tickets for Saturday night. They WERE on my coffee table in an envelope. Well, my mom was cleaning my table and threw the tickets away. They were GONE. GONE. GONE. I couldn’t believe it. Over $100 GONE. Anyway, long story short… we went to the stadium and bought 3 tickets for $60 off a band parent whose kid didn’t make the finals. I think from now on I’ll just do that… there are always people selling their tickets the night of the Finals for various reasons… as long as we are high up it really doesn’t matter what yard line we sit at. The competition was great. My old HS placed 3rd. It was a good show. The funny thing.. I basically commented on Facebook the whole night long. I commented on the bands, etc… I gave live updates regarding scores, etc… I had people (alumni) from all across the country reading my posts… it was hilarious..and cool that the Internet & my Blackberry allowed me to give people a sense of what was happening without paying to see the performances via webcast. But, by the end of the evening… I was sure that I was going to have Blackberry Thumb again.

Nothing else too exciting to report. My first day back is tomorrow night… I might venture out today just to do something. I do need to make a stop at the post office for stamps.

Toots for now.


2 responses to “Rainy Indianapolis Morning

  1. Must….resist….urge….to….make….band…..competition……comment.

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