Still not-well.

Ugh. I’ve been cooped up here in my place all week long. I went home early from my shift on Monday (by early.. I mean: 12.30am Tuesday morning). I had “flu-like” symptoms. I had a fever on Monday night, but since then I’ve had nothing except weird stomach issues… Haven’t thrown up or have had diarrhea, but just feel tired and bad. Honestly, in my 38 years I have NEVER had the flu…EVER. Maybe I have the flu? Who knows… Employee health said that the earliest that I can go back to work is next Monday on the long as I don’t have a fever… which, I haven’t … so, I guess that’s a good thing.

I did cover my bases and go get blood tests run for CMV… which is a virus that is basically harmless for normal people..but for immunosuppressed people like me it can be hell…  Turns out that was negative. That’s good news. Maybe it’s just a stomach bug that needs to run its course.

I’m just bored and tired of being tired.

The only good thing about this “forced vacation” is that I’m half way through “Breaking Dawn”… 😉


2 responses to “Still not-well.

  1. blech. get better soon. i’ll think about you while i’m at the concert saturday night 🙂

  2. Well – now?

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