Weekend wrap up…

It was good. I worked all of it.

The thrills of being a nurse.

With weekend pay! 😉

Other randomness…..

1) I really think the Bears got the short end of the stick with Jay Cutler. Or, maybe the Bears were never really that good to begin with this season.

2). Work tonight, tomorrow, & Thursday. Already looking forward to the w/e… It’s Grand Nationals time for Bands of America. Basically, 100 or some marching bands from across the country meet in Indianapolis for 4 days of competition. My parents are coming down and we are going to the Finals on Saturday evening at Lucas Oil stadium. Watching marching bands never gets old for me. My former HS has won the most Grand National Titles with a total of seven.. then next highest total is three. During my four years, we won 3 out of the 4. It’s still to this day one of the best memories/times of my life. I recommend every student who is at all musically inclined to get involved with marching band. It’s cool that I can go to this competition as an alumnus and say I went to Marian Catholic… people usually either say “hey, that’s great” or “we hated you guys…” (which, is also a huge complement in the marching world).

3). Got my ticket for The Swell Season in Ann Arbor. It will be fun to take a road trip to a city I’ve never been to.

4). Ok… was totally, utterly disappointed in the new version of “V”… I was interested for like 20 minutes and then turned off the TV. The original was cheesy..but also, it had some element of suspense…  the actors on this version were too polished….  like they woke up that morning already knowing that they were going to be visited by huge alien ships & they just acted surprised for the cameras.

That’s about it for today. Sorry about my post from the other day. If you’ve been reading long enough (the nine of you)… you know how it goes…

Enjoy your Monday. It’s another nice day in Indy today (although I’ll be sleeping most of it away since I have to work tonight).



One response to “Weekend wrap up…

  1. Denver would tend to agree with you on number 1.

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