Friday, 6.24am

I got up this morning about 5 because I was hungry and couldn’t sleep. A Trader Joes granola bar fixed the hunger.. the sleep issue not so much. A rerun of “Angel” is on in the other room and I’m sitting here just surfing the web without a real destination. I paid a credit card bill online, read the morning newspapers (Philly, NYT, Chicago Suntimes, & Indy Star), started looking for some Christmas presents online and priced a new flat screen TV (my Christmas present… 42 inches of pure color glory… my parents are paying half).

I’m working tonight and tomorrow night so my weekend is basically shot.. which sucks because the weather here in Indianapolis is supposed to be really nice. It’s hard for me to do anything during the nights that I work because I’m afraid I’ll be brain dead by the time work rolls around & honestly I really don’t have anywhere to go during the day except to run errands…  and, I really don’t have any errands to run… so, I would rather stay in and sleep. As much as I want to get to day shift (and, I really, really, really do!!)… Night shift is basically an additional $600/month (or more, depending if I get an extra shift & thus, overtime) which I can really use now that my student loans are coming due this month.

On Monday night my new friend Amanda & I went to see The Swell Season at Clowes Memorial Hall on the campus of Butler University. As always, the duo was amazing. I could sit and listen to them play all night long. Somehow by the luck of the draw I got seats in the 2nd row of the auditorium. They were the best seats I’ve ever gotten for a concert. Literally, Glen & Mar were 20 feet from me. I tried to take pictures, but unfortunately, even the ones I mistakenly took with the flash still on didn’t turn out at all. Bummer.

I’m looking forward to seeing them again in December. I’m becoming a little groupie (spelling?) and bought tickets to their show in Ann Arbor, MI on December 2. It’s a four hour drive from here.. Definitely worth it to seem them again.

Nothing else too exciting to report. Every so often I’ll read old posts from my blog… I’ll go back to Nov ’08, Nov ’07, ’06, etc… back all the way to ’04 when I first started this blog. Literally nothing has changed in my life. Yea, I moved cities, I changed careers. I’m still single. Jeremy (aka… “the quirky boy”) got married a few weeks ago. Something I knew was going to happen for him and he kept denying it at the time. How did I know back then that he was going to get married…because everyone can get married except for me. And, as much as he denied it.. I knew deep down he wanted to also. And, he did. I’m still single. I’m still lonely. I’m still paying shit loads of money for Eharmony for the *chance* that maybe, just maybe this time will be different (which, turns out… Midwest men are exactly the same as East Coast guys).

Anyway, I don’t know if I have the strength to be alone for my whole life. A family at the hospital had the nerve to say to me “Well, it’s probably for the best because God is saving you from the hardship that marriage brings.”

Well, that’s it for this morning. Enjoy your weekend folks.


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