Latest Company to tick me off…

OK… there aren’t THAT many companies that tick me off… but, after today I will never set foot in another Room Place Furniture store. I saw a coffee table that I liked. I ordered it online. The delivery charge was almost as much as the table (table: $299, delivery: $250). I saw that the distribution center was in a Chicago suburb. I CALLED customer service and asked if it would be OK if my father picks up the table b/c I didn’t want to pay the delivery charge. They said (this was last week Wednesday): “Sure, No Problem.”

Flash forward to today. My dad calls me at 2pm saying that I was dealing with some POS organization (if you don’t know what POS stands for… I’m afraid you’ll still be in the dark) because they couldn’t release the table without me being there. No matter that I gave my dad a copy of my driver’s license, the email with the confirmation number, a copy of the credit card I used to purchase the table. He called customer service and then I also called customer service and we both got the same answer…”No, we can’t release the table b/c you need to be physically here. There is no proof that this man is your father…” No matter that I called last week and got a different answer. They didn’t even apologize that last week’s answer was wrong. They were the most rude customer service people I have EVER, EVER, EVER spoke to on the phone.

I ended up canceling my order and the Room Place will NOT get my $350 & definitely will not get any business from me ever again.

So, if you out there in Internet land googled “Room Place Furniture” and got this blog…. take from me… there are dozens of other furniture companies out there that could use your business. Do not give it to Room Place Furniture.

I’m done for now.


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