OK… I’m jumping on the band wagon..

So, Congrats Phillies fans… you have taken away the one last shot for Jim Thome (aka FUTURE HALL OF FAMER JIM THOME) to get a WS ring. Anyway, that’s ok… The Phillies were clearly superior in every way and I hated the whole soul patch look on Joe Torre. This all being said. I’m a White Sox girl. Have ALWAYS been a White Sox girl. I lived in Cleveland during the good year & was taken to games at Jacobs (err… Progressive Field) Field in hopes that I would give up my CWS allegiency. Didn’t happen. But, as I grow and see that Phillies fans might have some good to offer the world. I will jump on the band wagon for this Series. ***

(what the author really means… she hates the Yankees even more!!)

The last week of work has been crazy. Tuesday night was absolutely insane. I didn’t pee in 12 hours… I didn’t have anything to eat until 5.30am Wednesday morning (which, means… I didn’t actually sit down to eat my frozen Lean Cuisine pasta & get to watch any of the late shows). It was bad. For the last two days, I’ve gotten to work… found my assignment.. printed out all my med records… completed my spreadsheet (my way of organizing… I print out a grid with my whole night on it… I just fill in the boxes of what I need to do at what times for each patient…works VERY well for me) AND have started to receive report from the day shift nurses. Both Tuesday night & Wednesday afternoon, I’m in the middle of receiving report and I see my manager walking towards me. Both times, she asks the person that I’m getting report from to stay a little longer b/c someone hasn’t shown up, is sick, etc (disclaimer… they are all good reasons)… Unfortunately, this means that they take their team back and I go to the station and pick up 4 new patients that I know nothing about at almost 7.3o in the evening (or in today’s case 3.30 in the afternoon). Both times, it sucks rocks b/c I need to start from scratch again and then it puts me even further behind and because the other nurse wants to get out of dodge… I don’t get a great report (which is what happen on Tue night–hence, why I didn’t pee or eat for almost 12 hours). I know that nursing is all about flexibility… but I feel like I have gotten dumped on the last two days. UGH.

Another reason this week is crazy… Look at it:

Monday… final part of Central Nursing Orientation (8am-4.30pm).. Sat in a lecture room listening to presentations from other departments. Fell asleep 2x.

Tuesday… Worked 7.00pm-7.30am Wednesday morning

Wednesday… Got home at 8am, took a shower… in bed by 8.30am.. up at 1.30pm… dressed. Left for work at 2pm. Worked from 3-7.30pm. Drove to Bible Study. Got home at 10pm.. watched Phillies on TV… fell aslee on sofa while watching Phillies on TV.

Thursday… up now at 4.30am b/c my sleep schedule is all off and I can’t sleep. Hopefully going back to bed soon. Driving to the hospital for a meeting at Noon with the Clinical Nurse Educator to go over my orientation test. I didn’t score the required 80% when I took the post test… (we had a class that met for 6 weeks on a Monday… I scored 55% on the pre-test…I think jumping 20% points is pretty good). This is probably going to last until 3pm. Then I’m meeting a girl from House Church for Thai food tonight at 6.30. After that… baseball.

Friday… work at 7pm until 7.30 am Saturday morning.


Getting tired again…. I think I’ll jump back into my amazing pillow top Queen size mattress with amazingly soft 800 count cotton sheets. 😉

Good night all.


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