Eyes by India

For $20 this afternoon I was tortured as my hair was pulled out by plain white thread. I went to Eyes by India… a “beauty” shop near my house… Don’t get me wrong… I WILL go back… I like how my eyebrows turned out… very natural looking compared to waxing and/or plucking…but ah… the initial pain… unbearable. I hear from a friend that the next time will be easier…  The woman also “threaded” my upper lip and my chin (yes.. what women do for beauty… pluck all the hair off their face). It smarted for about 1/2 hour and then I was fine…

Today was the third and last day of Central Nursing Orientation at the hospital. I sat in a freezing lecture room for 8 hours listening to different departments in the hospital. My hospital’s orientation program is so thorough… I don’t know a hospital who could top it… even the best ones on the East Coast.  It’s beyond good..

Listening to the Phillies/Dodgers game in the other room… something exciting just happened. Phillies have a few men on base… it’s still 4-3. I’m sorry… I’m cheering for the Dodgers…because I want Jim Thome to get his World Series ring…  nothing against the Phillies or White Sox who both traded him away…but he’s a great guy and deserves this.

Haven’t heard from Kevin at all… didn’t think I would. It’s ok… really, it is. I’m getting used to the singleness again. I once was hopeful.. not so much anymore.

Randomness… had Chicken curry tonight… awesomeness my name is spicy!!!  🙂

Nothing else exciting to report…bye for now.


One response to “Eyes by India

  1. Why hatin’ on the Phils?

    I wouldn’t mind an I-95 World Series.

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