A Perfect Fall Sunday.

I’m back. Killing time until the Colts game starts tonight. Thankfully, the Bears have a bye this week. Trying to keep up with which Cutler will show up to play can get exhausting…

My weekend was full of good stuff. Friday night I met a guy that I went to HS with. I think the last time I literally saw Kevin was in 1986. Anyway, his company has their convention in town twice a year (it’s a company based out of Fort Wayne, IN). It was interesting talking to him. Here is Kevin, someone I haven’t seen in 23 years and we talked for a good chunk of the evening.. without awkward fits and stops. On the other hand, the Eharmony guy, I ran out of things to talk about in 20 minutes. It doesn’t bode well for eharmony guy.

Anyhoo, don’t anybody get excited about Kevin. He is recently divorced (2 1/2 years), has 3 boys, and I was just someone to have dinner with. As I was talking to him I realized that I was really sad that his marriage broke up… He didn’t give me much details &  I didn’t ask…but I *think* he would still like to be married. He was probably a good husband & just from the time I spent with him… I’m sure he’s a cool dad.

Why can’t I ever meet nice men like Kevin? Bleh.

Today I went to a jewelry party in Lebanon, IN (which is about 30 minutes north of Indy). I ended up taking the back country roads back to my place. It was a great drive home… it took me twice as long..but the trees were amazing. I definitely couldn’t live anywhere that didn’t have a Fall season. Definitely my favorite of the four seasons.

Nothing else exciting to report.

Toots for now.


7 responses to “A Perfect Fall Sunday.

  1. Want to know whyyou can’t meet a guy like Kevin? Read Rev. Russel Cononwell’s “Acres of Diamonds Speech”. (my Temple U. roots shining through) (Hint…hint. you already met a guy like Kevin)

  2. I’m thinking I agree with Scott. Don’t overlook Kevin just because he’s divorced and has 3 kids.

    • Oh, I’m not overlooking him at all… I think he is going to overlook me. I haven’t heard from him since Friday and really don’t expect to. I actually think he’s really cool.

  3. Scott>>>DITTO!

  4. Let’s go Sox….no wait, that dosen’t sound right.

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