Rainy Thursday.

I’m getting ready for work and watching (listening) to the Phillies on the TV. I think it’s 4-3 right now at the top of the 7th. It was a crazy bottom of the 6th. It’s hard for me to do anything regarding Philadelphia. I miss the city that much. It’s hard to watch the Phillies on TV, read my last few issues of Philadelphia magazine..although.. it has been always easy to not watch the Eagles…

Eharmony. I met a guy last Wednesday for lunch. His name is Jim. 43 years old. He’s lived all over the country but he was raised here in Indiana. He is nice.. but there was nothing there when we ate lunch last week.. a lot of awkward pauses… I talked to him on the phone today and the same thing happened.

Work is work. I’m asking to get more hours for overtime…  My student loans come due next month… totally scared that I will not have enough money to pay for them.

My 20th HS reunion was last Saturday night back in Chicago. It was a lot of fun. I hope everyone who reads this goes back to their reunions. It’s nice to be remembered where we came from. I was a geeky band kid in HS…  and, in some respects I’m still that same person. I enjoyed talking to people that I never thought would have talked to me back then.. Yes, I know it’s been 20 years…but some of the same insecurities have followed me that whole time.

My weekend is actually full this time around. Tomorrow night I’m meeting an old HS buddy.. his work convention is here in Indy. We are going to this great German Restaurant… I think the oldest restaurant in Indy… beautiful old brick building with 20 foot ceilings…  Saturday night I’m hanging out with my friend Heather from church. Sunday is church, then a jewelry party (ala Tupperware…but instead jewelry) in the afternoon, and the the Colts Sunday night football game.

Well, need to go. It’s 5pm and I need to leave for work in 1/2 hour..

Toots for now.


2 responses to “Rainy Thursday.

  1. Good job…dating is a contact sport. Who called who? All 1st dates are awkward.

  2. Philadelphia misses you too. Can’t you hear it….”Come home. You belong here. “

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