Can’t Sleep..

I worked last night.. so, what happens when I get home is that I eat some breakfast, take a shower, and then curl into a little ball on the sofa and sleep soundly for the next 4 hours (actually, I’m fine if I get 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep)…. Well, unfortunately, my stupid apartment complex (which, I USUALLY LOVE) is replacing the roof on all 14 buildings… I SWEAR that they did my building last week…. I was wrong… it’s today. I’ve had noisy forklifts and men on the roof…. How long does this all take?????? It’s driving me insane.

It’s 1pm and I think I probably only slept for 2 hours…. I’m half tempted to get up and go to a movie so I can fall asleep in the movie theatre. I do need to get up…. shoe sale at Macy’s and I need a pair for my class reunion next weekend back home.

Tata for now.


One response to “Can’t Sleep..

  1. So….tell us about your EH experience.

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