Exciting news…

Yea… right… seriously, you thought it would be about Eharmony??? Yea, friends… get off your crack.

My exciting news from last night… I placed my first IV in a human, LIVE person!!!! 🙂 Kinda exciting when I see blood in a needle after I stick someone. That momentary “flash” is a good thing…

Other than that.. nothing exciting… Bears won, Colts won… all in all … a good couple of days.

Now.. I’m off to Costco…  Unfortunately, I started reading the “Twilight” series & now I’m hooked. Costco has the books for $6 apiece.

Ta-ta for now.


2 responses to “Exciting news…

  1. ooh, a great price!

    congrats on the IV. woot!

  2. I’m hooked on Twilight too. I can’t wait to see the movie in November. Are you going?
    Were you scared to put an IV in?

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