Something I’ll never get back…

$218 and some change.

I joined eharmony again.

What am I? Frickin’ crazy?

Yes. Yes. I. Am.


7 responses to “Something I’ll never get back…

  1. Actually, I think this means that you still have HOPE.

  2. and guts. guts are good.

  3. How long of a membership is that? For that amount of coin I’d expect lifetime!

  4. Stop beating yourself up. Kim (berely. if the shortning is offensive) is dead on. All you did was say you still believe in hope…that’s a pretty cheap price to pay for it.

  5. p.s, I would have said adult friend finder, buy, clearly…I am disturbed.

  6. and your in a new town, (though , you may disagree, its a New Year) New Years and new locations have no memoris, only visions of the future. Make it the future you have dreamed of.

  7. projectmadeline

    I’ve actually had quite a bit of luck on eHarms. Hope you do as well!

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