The slightly geeky Comcast guy left a little bit ago (and, yes… it was a different Comcast guy than before). I am now typing this post on my own computer…  I don’t yet have a desk chair to go with my new IKEA desk… so, I’m sitting on a slightly flattened fake leather Target ottoman. My iTunes still doesn’t work for some odd reason…  I’ll have to try in the future to get an appt at the local Apple store to see what the problem is. Also, I need to buy a new mouse…  mine for some reason isn’t working all that well.

Now that I have the Internet… I suppose I’ll try to post more frequently. But, seriously, NOTHING is happening here. NOTHING.

I worked last night. Got home at 9am…  slept until 11.30… got up & unpacked a few more boxes. I’m still not completely unpacked… even though this place is larger and extremely newer than my old place… I don’t have a lot of storage space… so, I still need to get rid of a lot of crap.

Last night at work was my first night not being supervised… I was totally on my own and I think I did OK. Night shift has to do all the blood draws for labs… only 1 of my patients needed blood drawn. I went into his room at 3am with another nurse (I’m still not confident in my blood drawing skills yet). I got him on my first try…. yippy. I still haven’t tried to start an IV yet. Night shift can be fun… We played tag all night…  And, at 7am the person who was “it” had to do something embarrassing… well, you’ll NEVER guess who was “it” at 7am… yep… it was me. We had a staff meeting at 7.30… so, the joke was that I needed to cough at least 30 times during the meeting….  I think I got 1/2 way there. It was kinda funny.

OK.. that’s all I got… I’m off to Trader Joes… I have NO FOOD AT ALL IN THIS HOUSE!!! 😦


One response to “Internet!

  1. Nothing is happening here either … what I really meant was … Way too much is happening. Nothing would be nice.

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