Just another day

I’m at my parents’ house this w/e. Yesterday was our family reunion on my dad’s side. So, we melted in the 90 degree heat and ate our fried chicken and caught up on everybody’s life…

I’m getting tired of driving somewhere every w/e. Which, there is no one to blame but myself for that. And, since I have no friends in Indianap0lis yet… driving is the only way I’m not going to be completely alone.

Work is intense, although it’s not anything that I didn’t expect. The days fly by. I’m usually working 12 hour shifts, but Friday I worked only 8 hours. Sometimes I don’t even eat lunch until 8 hours have gone by. Friday was a complete blur because it went by so quick.

The main thing I didn’t expect was to have a different preceptor for almost every day I’ve been on the floor.  I’ve worked on the floor for 8 days now. In 8 days, I’ve had 6 different preceptors. I’m frustrated because I’m not sure if I’m getting better or not because I do not have a consistent person watching and evaluating me. I’ve had 6 different people tell me 6 different ways of how they do things. On Wednesday of last week I lost it. My preceptor didn’t say a thing to me all day long. 12 hours of not being talked to. At the end of the day, I couldn’t hold back my tears. I cried for an hour after I got home. No feedback, no “where are you at now?”… I specifically asked for this person because I liked the way she worked and I wanted to model myself after her…so, what happens when I come back to work on Thursday… I have a different preceptor again.

I switch to nights next Thursday. Totally freaked out about staying up all night long.

I’ve come to realize that I didn’t get great at my last job in 7 days… and becoming a good nurse will not happen in 7 days either. It just takes practice and repetition. The more I do something the more I will get better at it.

So far I have seen a lot of interesting stuff… have met some cool familes… have met some not-so-cool families…  It’s been fun and I leave at the end of the day thinking I have made a difference in what I do.

And, yes… the paycheck doesn’t  hurt either. It’s nice getting a *real* check again.


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