Library Computers

I’m at the Central Library in downtown Indy. I haven’t as of yet gotten my Internet service hooked up at home.. so, therefore I am with the masses trying to get a reservation on their public computers… totally annoying…but honestly, I don’t have the money right now to hook up my computer… so, it sits in the corner of my room.

I’m taking the NCLEX next Monday (7/20) at 8am EST. Totally, utterly not sure of myself. I’ve been doing the practice questions on my Kaplan site and reviewing all the rationals, etc…but I still feel not prepared. I’m supposed to be scoring in the “Kaplan World” over 65% on their exams… I haven’t gotten close… the last one I took was 61% (Kaplan says anything over 65%  on their exams predicts you will pass NCLEX 96.6% of the time).

Finished first week of orientation on Friday afternoon. Tomorrow is first day on the floor (doing more orientation stuff and paperwork). My first day on the floor with a preceptor is next Tuesday, July 21st.

Ok.. that’s it for today… I’m tired of looking at the computer screen.

Ta-ta for now.


One response to “Library Computers

  1. What, your not going to tell us how you think it went?

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