Almost time for fireworks

I’m at my parents house tonight… Kinda surreal that I can drive here in 2.5 hours and not have to book a flight. My parents have a boat on Lake Michigan and the town where the boat club is located is having their fireworks display tonight…. It’s actually a really good display..

So… the Cable guy…. You are right, Ed… it would be a really cool “Meet Cute” story if anything actually happened…

Here is the conclusion…. so, it’s today around 3pm, I had just left the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (I had to get info about what to do for a new license & registering my car… new license plate will be: “WHSOX”, or “CHSOX”, or GOSOX”)..Anyway, as I was getting into my car I decided to call him….

Well, I called the number he gave me and I first got a fast busy signal… I waited a few minutes and then called it again… this time I got the dreaded “the number you are trying to reach is not in service, check the number and try again.”

I tried and tried again… with the same results…  then I got ticked and then I got sad… and then I cried…because it would be just like me to fall for a fake number. Ugh. Gullible I am.

Well, I was maybe 35 minutes outside of Indianapolis when I realized I still had the number he CALLED me on stored in my cell phone. He called me on Tuesday afternoon to tell me that I was next on his route…  So, I look at that number….

The plot thickens… So, the number he wrote down for me was (this is a fake number): 708-341-5687….  Well, the number on my cell was this: 708-347-5687. He was off by ONE number. So, did he really give me a bogus number??? Or did just not remember what his cell phone number was?

I debated the issue for 20 more miles…  In the end… I called the CORRECT number. I got his VM… I left a message. End of story.

So, no “meet cute” story.

Ta-ta for now.

Enjoy your weekend. Try to do something patriotic!


2 responses to “Almost time for fireworks

  1. Maybe his handwriting is crap. If he was giving you a business number I’m not sure he’d give you a fake number. Bad for the company.

  2. Other top plate choices for the lone White Sox fan:

    stop me, I could go on for hours…. : )

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