July 1, 2009

Hi Guys & Gals….

Sorry for the long lag between posts. Things are a little bit crazy here. I’m sitting at the main public library in downtown Indianapolis using one of their computers. I still haven’t set up my Internet yet. I FINALLY got my cable TV set up yesterday afternoon and totally love it…but that’s another story.

Things here are going pretty well. I’m lonely but I figure that will change once I start going places to meet people (ie.. work, church, stripper clubs– just kidding!). Since I moved here last Thursday I have spent most of my time getting lost (even with my GPS… damn one way streets), organizing my apartment and taking little road trips to various sections of town.

My mom came down  on Monday (which is kinda cool that she can now drive here for a day instead of flying…). We went to the cool, hip street: Massachusetts Avenue or just “Mass Ave”… and ate lunch at this cool restaurant… comfort food done up with a new twist. I had the hot ham & cheese on a bun… YUM.

Today I got my ID picture taken for work. I’m FINALLY all set to start my job on Monday with orientation.

I’m taking the NCLEX (nursing board exam) on Monday, July 20th. UGH. I actually wish I was taking it tomorrow.

Ok…so, back to the cable story because that’s the most interesting thing that has happened to me since I moved here.

The cable guy was named Mike. We started talking and he’s 39 & never married. He made a comment of me being about 25…  That’s the 2nd person to say that I was in my early-to-mid twenties…  Anyway, we started talking more when I told him that I was almost 38.

More banter between us & then when he gave me my receipt he listed his phone number (NOT to his own cell.. to his Comcast computer/phone thingy) and said (these were his words!!): “Call if you have any questions, problems, or if you just want to chat.” WHAT DOES THIS MEAN BOYS & GIRLS?????????????????????????????????????????????? Should I call him?


That’s it for today… I’m thankful that it’s a little cool outside. I’m wearing dress clothes (ie..skirt & sweater) because most of my stuff is still packed and/or I need to do laundry. I’m going to go find some lunch and then hopefully get a hair appointment.. my hair hasn’t been cut since Feb 20th. NOT GOOD.

Ta-Ta for now.

And, yes… I miss Philadelphia horribly… especially WAWA on Sunday mornings.


3 responses to “July 1, 2009

  1. Your a nurse not a damn engineer, stop over-analyzing and start acting on instinct.

  2. hehehe

  3. It’s called ‘meeting cute.’

    Call him.

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