I look like I have track marks on my arms…

Yes, I look like a druggie (or is it “druggy”?). My one arm is totally bruised in four different places… it does look like I was trying to find a vein…but, I swear it’s all from packing and moving today. My little “Relocube” came around 2.30p today. My friend Jamie (THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!) came over at 4 to help me pack… When I first saw the cube online I wasn’t sure if one was going to be enough. They are 8 feet tall, 6 feet wide, and 7 feet long. But EVERYBODY I talked to said that one is enough since I’m not taking tons of furniture. I’m glad that I only ordered one cube..because everything major has been packed… some minor stuff will go into my car and then it’s off I go. Jamie and I finished at 7.30 this evening. Needless to say, I’m extremely tired.

Tomorrow it’s more cleaning and off to my final trip to KOP mall for the near and distant future. It’s weird. I know that I’m moving far away..but it really doesn’t seem that far (although it IS far…632 miles or 9.5 hours). Maybe it will sink in when I’m at my new place, finding a new church…  getting crushed by a new batch of guys…. UGH.

Ok… I just hit the wall… Contacts are coming out and I’m going to bed (it’s 11.23pm). Good night all….


One response to “I look like I have track marks on my arms…

  1. If you go in wearing the idea that you are going to be “crushed by a new batch of guys”, there is no possibility that that won’t happen. How about, wow a totally new beginning”?

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