Seven Days..

I think I’m under some delusion that I’m here longer and that I still have all the time in the world to pack my stuff. In reality… I have today, tomorrow, and Friday morning. I do have a lot packed… but there is still a great deal that needs to be accomplished.

I must remind myself to never move and take the Kaplan review course in the same time frame (but then again, I’m hoping that I will never have to take a NCLEX review course again–although, it’s been very good…).

Job update: They called me on Monday morning to say that they received my paperwork. Monday afternoon I rec’d another call from the NP telling me that she said what “saved” me was having the immunization records from HS. She said that if I didn’t have that proof I received the MMR shots they would have not  cleared me. She said that the infectious disease MD said I would be fine because I have memory cells that the titers do not pick up. The best part was that she went on to say “And, you are working on Krannert 6… and because you will be working with wealthier clients your risk of contracting measles, mumps, or rubella is very low with that patient population.”

I thought just because I’m working with ADULTS that my risk will be low, since those three diseases are mostly CHILDHOOD ones…  It is true that my clients will be mostly wealthy, but that really doesn’t matter… does it?

Anyway, I didn’t open my mouth at all to her…. it was “yes, maam, i understand, and thank you…” Honestly, she didn’t seem happy about clearing me. Maybe she just doesn’t like her job….  Who knows….

Today at 10am is my “readiness” test for Kaplan…  180 questions & 3 hours. UGH. I just want this thing to be over with. Kinda ticked off about the whole NCLEX thing.

That’s about it for now.


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