Driving back to Midway…

I’m in the car right now with my parents as we go back to Midway. My flight to PHL is at 11.55 CST. It’s been a bummer weekend for the most part.

The major highlight: I might not have a job anymore. I went Indianapolis on Friday morning to do some final tasks before I move. In the early afternoon I had my employee physical at the hospital. Well, it didn’t go at all like I expected OR maybe.. it went exactly like I expected it to. First, part of it was my fault. Of course, I forgot the most important piece of paper back on my desk in Media: a copy of my immunization records from HS that proved I received my MMR shot (3X). The paperwork that I did have to give them showed that my titers were non-reactive…meaning that I’m not immune to rubella & that my Hep B shots also didn’t work like they are supposed to in a normal human. On top of that, it showed that my Herpes Zoster test showed that I’m 0.05 from having immunity from that (aka: Chicken Pox).

The nurse who was examining me was honestly the first person I have met there who wasn’t nice. She was abrupt. She said that if I *didn’t* show her the test results I would have been OK, but since I was honest with them & brought everything she said that she has to address the results & that they will not clear me for employment.

She then asked me: “How did you get through nursing school?” I didn’t know how to respond because my jaw was still on the floor.

She then left for almost 20 minutes & then came back into the office with the Nurse Practioner. She said it was their policy to not clear ANYONE who can’t prove immunity to measles, mumps, rubella, or zoster. In most people they would just give the vaccine, but because of my heart transplant status & immunosuppresant drugs I can’t have either vaccine because they are made with the live (but weakened) virus.

She said that I should fax my proof of immunizations to her (the paper that I forgot) & that she would have to *discuss* my status with the infectious disease doc.

Basically, my drugs mask my immunity… (That’s the short version).

As I was leaving the office, I answered the nurse who asked me how I got through nursing school. My answer: “With honors.”


4 responses to “Driving back to Midway…

  1. I sure hope she said that in writing. We have a little law in America called the ADA. In it’s overbroad interpretation, it is why they had to rip out the beautiful granite platforme edges on the DC metro and replace them with helacious yellow and black non-skid warning markers. In it’s intended form, it protects you from job discrimination when your are otherwise capable of performing the work. (I hope you could sense the sarcasm)

    Simple response to nurse ratchett. “Clear me for employment or my next stop is the Federal Court House For the District of Indiana”

  2. Oh…and I am sorry about your non-reactive titers, perhaps try a wonderbra next time? (sorrrrrrry, I couldn’t resist, I know, I’m weak I need help.)

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