I have no time..

Namely because I’m lazy.. lazy.. lazy…. I have to have everything packed by next Friday (6/19) at NOON…. I haven’t even started my bedroom yet. Although, the more I think about it… it might not be that bad.. because 90% of my bedroom is clothes… I’m not taking ANY of my bedroom furniture with me. It’s fake IKEA crud from 16 years ago that I got when I was in grad school. I think I’ve said this before.. but I’ve slept in a twin bed all these years… I’m moving on up to a nice Queen size bed from Crate & Barrel. Woohoo.

Kaplan NCLEX course is going well. I’m actually enjoying it. Our  teacher is really good and keeps us engaged for the 4 hours. I think I like it because 90% of the time it’s just answering questions… and I can always answer more questions.

I’m skipping class this morning (from 10-2) because I’m flying home this afternoon and still have tons of stuff to accomplish. Also, for a sad reason. A friend’s boyfriend passed away in his sleep on Monday morning. The viewing is from 9-11 this morning in Paoli. I never met him, but I know that he made her absolutely happy… So, that’s a good thing. From what I gathered on his FB page… he was really young… graduated HS in 96.. so, that would put him at 30? Anyway, I’m rambling…

*** Yes, Scott.. my beloved team lost again last night… 😦

Ta-ta for now.


One response to “I have no time..

  1. Every team wins 54. Every team loses 54. It’s what thw White Sox do with the other 54 that sets them apart. : )

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