Packing is not happening…

I amuse myself that I sometimes rhyme. I still haven’t really packed anything or really purged that much stuff… UGH. Really, this whole week I’ve totally blown off and not did a thing. Today was no different. Next week I start the Kaplan NCLEX review course 4 hours/day…  I guess I knew that I thrive on deadlines.. so, it will get accomplished come hell or high water.

The thing about moving… everybody wants to take you out to dinner.. which, isn’t necessarily a bad thing… Last night my friend Liz who used to be the social worker at Penn and now is at Jeff took me out to dinner in Media. We ate at the wonderful Indian place. It was a lovely dinner… she got me a Jefferson hospital t-shirt which is cool because I don’t have one and probably would never buy one for myself.

Today I went to Sam’s Club in Exton and got new tires for my Mazda. $550 later… the car drives like a dream again. I love my little Zoom-Zoom. 😉

That’s about it…. nothing exciting… sorry.


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