I’m here… T-22 days until moving day.

I’m back from all the graduation week requirements and our mini break to Rhode Island. Fun was had by all. I’m so glad last week is done with. Tuesday night was Candlelighting, Wednesday was Class Dinner, & Thursday morning was graduation. Immediately after we left for Providence. Traffic was horrible getting out of NY (but, thankfully, we did cross the GW bridge in under 45 minutes)…. we spent 2 hours going 50 miles towards New Haven, CT. UGH!!!!  I stayed in hotels my last 3 nights ( one here in Philly, two in Providence).

I love Providence…  LOVE IT!!  It makes me really sad that I’m leaving the East Coast… no more Providence… I guess that’s not entirely true… now I just have to fly there instead of driving.

I still have tons to pack and purge…  I can’t believe how much crap I have.

Blah, blah, blah… Nothing very exciting…  Ta-ta for now.


3 responses to “I’m here… T-22 days until moving day.

  1. 45 min on the GWB. 2 hrs on the Merritt? You did ok.

    • I think I would have been OK…but I had my dad in the car with us… who, I think is the MOST impatient person I have ever met… plus I was driving… I think if he was driving he wouldn’t have been as bored and wouldn’t have kept commenting on us NOT moving… I kept reminding him of last year when it took 4 hours to cross the bridge… UGH.

  2. Merritt Parkway — Mamaroneck to Trumbell – 22 miles –61/2 hours(granted it was during the transit strike in ’06)
    GWB a Fri. night at rush hour. Started on the approach on 80 with 3/4 of a tank of gas on reserve by the time we crossed the river.

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