Stupid High School Behavior (by me… of course).

So, it’s 1.09am Sunday morning. I can’t sleep. Part of it is that I’m still wired from working tonight. I got home from the ER around 11.45 (had to stop at Acme to get OJ & English Muffins for breakfast tomorrow) & then watched a little TV. I’m tired…but not sleepy tired…

I “defriended” someone on Facebook tonight again (this is the 2nd time). This is my “stupid high school behavior” for the evening. This was the guy that I went out with a few times when I was back in Chicago visiting. I went to HS with him. Long story short…he didn’t have the balls to actually CALL me to tell me that we were “incompatible”… he sent me an email. Besides being incompatible he said that Indianapolis is still too far for him (it’s 2 1/2 hours from him) for a relationship. Anyway, I looked at his profile tonight on Facebook (and, the weird thing… I’m not sure why I did it) and it said “in a relationship.” He sent me that email at the end of April.

Sorry Scott… I know you’re a good guy… but, men mostly are jerks.

It’s 1.17 now…. I really should go to bed. I think I’m going to try again.

Good night.


6 responses to “Stupid High School Behavior (by me… of course).

  1. No , really, I’m pretty much a jerk at heart. πŸ™‚ It’s just that I learned that it’s much more enjoyable to treat women well than it is to be alone. (I also learned that some women become more susoect of one’s motives, the nicer they are treated.) You never want to defriend people on FB, the whole purpose is to see how many hundreds of people that you have never met will send you birthday greetings and how many people you wouldn’t be caught dead with in a bar can send you virtual rounds of drinks, A)deleting people in counter – productive B) They will probably never notice.

    (Of my 37 wall post and 42 inbox FB B’day wishes on Fri. {apology accepted} Only 5 have I actually been with in person in the last 10 years, and only one in the last 2 mos.(pls see above about those suspect of being treated nicely) and at least 30, I have never met before even though we were apparently very close in H.S.)

    The moral to my diatride, damned if I know.

    • OOOOOOH!!! You had a birthday! πŸ™‚ Happy Belated Birthday (from a person, in keeping with the FB tradition… that you’ve never met before!). And again, after reading so many of your posts… I’m still befuddled why that engagement ring is sitting in a box instead of on a girl’s finger. πŸ˜‰

  2. It’s sitting in a safe deposit Box because there is way too much bad karma radiatind from it. It’s kinda like Three Mile Island. or, it’s got to be my looks or personality (or both)

    • it’s NOT the ring… although i can’t actually see you giving it to another woman that you want to marry… that would just be plain weird…

  3. So I can assume its my looks and/or personalty?

    • hmmm… considering i have never seen what you look like… it must be your wicked personality! πŸ˜‰ don’t you have any place where you meet nice jewish girls? there was some group in philly for jewish singles… you could look there! (just kidding.. i’m sure you have women banging down your door!)

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