Too much food.

Tonight was dinner at the Melting Pot with my friend Otto (Scott, it wasn’t a date!). Way, way too much food. For the cheese fondue we chose the swiss cheeses… very good with the apples and bread slices. Then the salad.. then the meats…  finally the chocolate fondue. Fondue makes for a long meal. Our reservations were 6.45p & I think we got out of the restaurant about 9.45ish (it’s 10.51p now).

Two crazy things I did today:

1). After church I was talking to my friend Bill. Well, I have known Bill for 9 years. NINE YEARS… When I said goodbye to him today… guess what I called him? Not Bill! But Todd! I figured it out a 1/2 hour later. I don’t have his email to apologize so I need to find it somewhere. I feel horrible. I can’t believe I called him the wrong name. I think it was because I saw an old friend in Ohio named Todd (I was a bridesmaid in his wedding).

2). I walked into my bedroom tonight to type this and realized that my chair was missing. 9 years ago when I first moved here I bought a wicker chair from IKEA. Well, I’m not taking it to IN… so, I gave it to my friend Sue this afternoon. Totally forgot that I did that until about 3 minutes ago. I thought someone came in and took my 9 year old barely used IKEA chair.


I’m tired now.. I hope if I go to sleep I’ll be able to stay asleep until morning. It was strange being wide awake at 3am.

Ta-ta for now.


3 responses to “Too much food.

  1. Hey, how come nobody told me we were dividing up your stuff?????????

    And why the date comment : ) I wish you, and pretty much anyone out there besides my ex, nothing but to find that one person they are looking for. Hell, don’t tell anybody, but I even wish it for her(I just doubt that person exists.

    Now back to the going away presents your giving us.

    • Scott… what would you like? I have a never opened book on Transplant Infections my mother gave me in ’01. I have a Hugh Laurie promotional button from NBC. There is the crazy bookmark that my parents brought me back from Prague (yes… A BOOKMARK!!! My parents go all the way to Prague and all I get is a frickin’ bookmark–my mom got a diamond ring). My latest bank statement that I can’t reconcile. A sprint calling card with about 5 long distance minutes on it. Some kitchen pans where the teflon is wearing off when I wash them… so, you’ll probably get cancer if you use them.. 😉

      Well, the date comment was because I knew that you would say something if I didn’t proactively tell you that it wasn’t a date. And, I’m sure your evil ex-fiancee will find someone. Everybody does before me.

  2. Any time a bookon transplant infections is never opened, your doin’ ok

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