Or.. to be exact: 3.10am on Sunday, May 17th. I can’t sleep. I’ve been up since 1.30 and I’m still totally, utterly wide awake. I just watched the season finale of “Bones” on hulu.com… I still need to watch “LOST”, but don’t think that will happen tonight because my brain isn’t up to the challenge to keep track of the time traveling.

I worked today at Paoli’s ER from 11a-7p.. after I clocked out I stayed with a patient for another 1/2 hour.. then I went to Trader Joes. So, by the time I got home and made dinner it was almost 9pm. The ER was a constant stream all day… the waiting room wasn’t slammed..but we were full all day… After dinner, I fell asleep on the couch around 10p and then went straight to bed. I was exhausted and my feet were throbbing because I walked so much today.

Tonight I’m going to Melting Pot in KOP for dinner. Which means I’m going to starve myself all day long because they give you so much food there. I’m excited to go since it’s my first fondue since Geja’s in Chicago about 15 years ago.

I wish I could just magically be transported to Indy… I hate packing and moving. I keep thinking of more things that I need to do… my list keeps getting longer.. not shorter. I’m moving with basically no furniture except my couch. All my other stuff is almost 16 years old and ready for the dumpster (I got it all when I started grad school in ’93).

That’s about it for now…  I’m starting to yawn…maybe this is a good thing.

I hope my nine readers are all having a good sound sleep.


2 responses to “3am

  1. amen on moving…BLECH.

    went to the melting pot a few years ago. SO GOOD. i’m jealous.

  2. Haven’t slept more than consecutive hours in over a decade.(25 random facts share about scott)

    My issues with Fondu restaurants are similar to mine with buffets and Marrakesch (the restaurant not the city.

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