After 500 miles, 3 pit stops, 2 Taco Bell Supremes…

I’m home. I didn’t leave Columus until 10.30 this morning… so, I hit more afternoon traffic then I would have liked. I’m thankful that I don’t have to get in the car for at least 16 hours… so, I’m going to cherish my time NOT in a moving vehicle because this coming month is going to be crazy with driving and packing and all that stuff that goes along with moving.

My time in Columbus was pretty productive. I got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in years. Was able to go to the Columbus Zoo and see “Fluffy”, the $35,000 snake that the zoo bought a few years ago. It’s called “Fluffy” because it eats 10 pounds of rabbits a day (or something to that effect)… it’s huge: 24 feet long and really, really thick…. that being said… after the initial excitement it was pretty boring to look at because all it did was sleep. On the other hand, I could watch the bats all day long.. they were cool.

I also decided last minute that since I was so close to Indy I might as well drive over and find a place to live. My dad drove down from Chicago and we met at the first apartment I wanted to look at. Well, what I *THOUGHT* was going to be a chore.. turned out extremely well. I took the first place. It’s exactly what I want and need and I got a discount because I’m going to be a Clarian employee (Clarian is the health system I will be working for). If you really care.. you can go here*** to look at my new home. It is in the Castelton section of Indianapolis.. and it’s near a lot… a Macy’s, Trader Joes, Costco, and.. most importantly… White Castle!!!

Nothing else totally exciting to report. Graduation is 2 weeks away… Crazy.

Enjoy your Wednesday evening!

***If you choose to look at the website… the pictures look EXACTLY like the real thing. I was impressed that everything was as advertised. Very clean, very nice, etc…. I’m going to be on the 2nd floor.


2 responses to “After 500 miles, 3 pit stops, 2 Taco Bell Supremes…

  1. Congratulations on the new place.

    That part of the zoo is awesome, the bats are wicked cool to look at.

    Did you see the baby elephant?

    • We didn’t see the baby elephant… the line was 45 minutes long. We had 3 kids and a newborn with us…so, I’m not sure they would have liked the wait.

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