Uh, no thank you.. no … really NO THANK YOU!

So… looking at how the whole move is going to work out…  I was just curious more than anything, because I had no clue how much they were going to cost. I called PODS to get a quote. If you don’t know.. PODS stands for Portable On Demand Storage. They also move people. They will drop off a container (aka “pod”) to your place… you fill it with your stuff.. they pick it up and drive it to the new destination. They wanted $1937.52 for one container and the move. The jerk on the phone kept pressuring me to give a down payment and to set a date. I said that I would need to think about it first… he then said “well, you know.. that those dates are very popular and they will be gobbled up fast”… I said that I knew that but I still wasn’t committing to anything. UGH. I know it is his job to sell..but I hate when they are pushy.

So, needless to say.. I’m NOT using PODS.. It’s a super cool concept..but way too expensive one for me.

Nothing else exciting to report… Just have my final psych exam that I’m sorta studying for…  Bleh.

Time to eat lunch now.


One response to “Uh, no thank you.. no … really NO THANK YOU!

  1. Hi Leslie, just caught up after a few weeks, we tend to read blogs in a block. Sounds like decision time is nigh. Trust you get the right job in the right place, with the right place to live. Your Aussie mates.

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