Rainy Monday.

Nothing really exciting to report. I’ve spent all day in my pajamas. It seems I really don’t know what to do with myself when I have nothing planned at all. It feels so weird that I don’t have school anymore (except for one final exam on Thursday.. developmental psychology… not that big of a deal). I have to work tonight and leave in 30 minutes.. so, I better get dressed soon…

I did accomplish a few things today over the phone. Again, nothing overly exciting. Just stuff related to my NCLEX testing.

I swear I’m going to go blind by staring at my computer all day. I hate looking for a new place to live without seeing it in person. Indianapolis has a billion apartment complexes. And, really.. they all sound too good to be true. Condo prices are cheap..but I don’t want to get into a condo just yet because who knows if this job is going to work out. I have found a couple of places that look promising… and one that gives a rent discount to IUMC employees (but, it turned out that place was a dump.. looked nice on the outside).. I’m hoping that there are others that will give discounts to hospital employees.

That’s about it from here… I can’t believe it’s rained all. day. long. UGH.


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